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Behaviour Interactive Reveals K-Pop Themed Chapter for Dead by Daylight

The latest Public Test Build for Dead by Daylight has been released which includes the two new characters for the upcoming Chapter XIX.

Black Legend Game Headed to PS5 and PS4 in March

Warcave has announced that Black Legend game will release on the PlayStation 5 and 4 among other platforms in March.
MrCoughing's Avatar MrCoughing 2021-03-02 18:51:06

[đź”´LIVE ] Let's Play : Cyberpunk 2077 ( GTX 1080 TI - Ultra ) [#12]

Episode 12 of my live Cyberpunk 2077 playtrough . In this episode we begin the main quest Automatic love and complete some side quests aswell . GPU : ASUS Turbo GeForce® GTX 1080 Ti 11GB GDDR5X RAM...
ViriatusPC's Avatar ViriatusPC 2021-03-02 18:24:31

Windbound free DLC delivers a raft of major improvements

Seafaring survival game Windbound has received yet another free post-launch content drop, this latest DLC cramming in loads of new features, fixes, and gameplay improvements. This is the third major Windbound...
ruw4's Avatar ruw4 2021-03-02 17:40:35

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance comes to PS5, PS4, and Switch later this year

Nicalis has confirmed that it will be releasing The Binding of Isaac: Repentance on PS5, PS4, and Switch during Q3 2021. This follows the news that the game would be released on March 31st through Steam....

Mass Effect: Andromeda, Returnal, and Outriders Seemingly Share Similar Sci-fi Roots

Returnal, Outriders, and Mass Effect: Andromeda all share some plot threads that are awfully similar and reflect on the sci-fi genre.

Mail Mole footage

The 3D platformer Mail Mole arrives on Switch later this week. For a look at some footage, check out the video below. Mail Mole is slated for March 4 on the Switch eShop. Additional information and a trailer...
stigs's Avatar stigs 2021-03-02 17:15:13

Frogwares accuses NACON of pirating The Sinking City, NACON accuses Frogwares of not respecting its contract

Frogwares has published yesterday a lengthy post in which it accuses NACON of cracking and pirating The Sinking City. On the other hand, NACON accuses Frogwares of not respecting their contract.

Japan: Marvelous trademarks Deadcraft and Konami trademarks Jaseiken Necromancer

A slew of new trademarks have been issues in Japan by both development studios Konami and Marvelous. Marvelous filed a new trademark for Deadcraft in the land of the rising sun on 17th February 2021 and...

New Need for Speed Game Delayed by a Year

The new Need For Speed game has been delayed by a year and Criterion has been temporarily reassigned to work on Battlefield 6.
alchemy's Avatar alchemy 2021-03-02 16:49:12

Apex Legends Switch gameplay trailer

EA and Respawn Entertainment have prepared a brand new gameplay trailer for the Switch version of Apex Legends. Get a look at the video below. Apex Legends launches for Switch on March 9.
tweak's Avatar tweak 2021-03-02 16:12:53

Which Titan Would You Be? Take This Attack on Titan Personality Quiz to Find out

Attack on Titan continues to be a classic in the making, and its titular Titans have played a big part in that. In particular, its Nine Titans have captured the imagination of the series’ fans, with...
line's Avatar line 2021-03-02 16:09:03

Leaked Elden Ring Trailer has Surfaced Online

While Elden Ring was announced nearly two years ago at E3 2019, we haven’t seen much of the game since. A leaked Elden Ring trailer is making its way around the internet however, leading us to believe...
funkymonkey's Avatar funkymonkey 2021-03-02 15:55:30

Solasta Dungeon Maker Beta Coming Soon

Tactical Adventures has unveiled the Solasta Dungeon Maker, a new modding tool that will launch in beta sometime in the near future.
mugen's Avatar mugen 2021-03-02 15:43:07

Foregone Now Available on GOG and Steam

Big Blue Bubble have released their 2D action-platformer, Foregone, on GOG and Steam.
Deus's Avatar Deus 2021-03-02 15:36:34

Psychological exploration platformer Dreaming Sarah hitting Switch this week

The psychological exploration platformer Dreaming Sarah is heading to Switch this week, Ratalakia Games and Asteristic Game Studio have announced. A release is planned for March 5. Here’s some information...
xJesse6's Avatar xJesse6 2021-03-02 15:31:12

Fangamer reveals new line of adorable A Hat in Time merch

Every time Fangamer announces something new, I always have to clutch my wallet and hope I’m able to keep myself from dumping every item into my digital shopping cart. Today is no different, as the fandom...
canya's Avatar canya 2021-03-02 15:28:07

Resident Evil Village will feature plenty of horror content

According to Sato, we have seen almost nothing in terms of horror content, since there are plenty of intense and horrifying scenes in Resident Evil Village.

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