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Gamers who have earned the most points in the last 7 days. You can earn points by posting, rating, and filling out missing information about video games. The more points you earn, the more power you have to change a game's score.
- 1st ViriatusPC's Avatar ViriatusPC
- 2nd lugen's Avatar lugen
- 3rd duckMantra's Avatar duckMantra
- 4th antwood's Avatar antwood
- 5th wondergamer's Avatar wondergamer
- 6th swanky's Avatar swanky
- 7th cutter's Avatar cutter
- 8th dibsgamer's Avatar dibsgamer
- 9th duel's Avatar duel
- 10th shinji77's Avatar shinji77
- 11th wayout45's Avatar wayout45
- 12th phedren's Avatar phedren
- 13th mgh3idez's Avatar mgh3idez
- 14th funkymonkey's Avatar funkymonkey
- 15th deg95's Avatar deg95
- 16th tiger's Avatar tiger
- 17th wizard's Avatar wizard
- 18th mugen's Avatar mugen
- 19th canya's Avatar canya
- 20th worm's Avatar worm
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Rankings are determined by posts, comments, votes on posts, ratings, game information saved, and game descriptions written in the last seven days. Rankings update every 60 minutes.

Most Improved Scores 30 Days

Games that have had the biggest increases thanks to gamer's posts, reactions, and ratings.

TIC-TAC: Twelve o'clock


Winter Ember


Lost in Random

Biggest Drops30 Days

Video games that saw the biggest negative changes in score due to gamer's opinions.

Sonic Colors


Fallout 76


The Tomorrow Children

Census Rankings All Rankings will also rank video games based on various criteria. It all depends on how you react to posts and rate video games. Rankings are completely determined by gamer's opinions and no rankings are influence or represent staff.

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You can change scores by reacting to posts, rating games, and more. The more ratings, reactions and tags you give, and the more posts and descriptions you write, the higher your level. Higher levels give you more influence over how much you change scores. Keep track of your progress with points earned.

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