What Is Game

We aspire to the the best place on the internet to get honest opinions, reviews, and news about video games. It's no secret that gamers from all over have a hard time getting honest opinions about games. We want to help you cut through the marketing, whether you've got your own video game channel, gaming news and review site, or you want to write news and reviews with Game Sense, or you just want a place to get honest video games from honest gamers who really like video games.

We've built Game Sense from the ground up for gamers. This isn't a generic forum or user review site, it's built for gamers, by gamers to help you find great games, write reviews in an easier, quicker way, grow your gaming channel, and more. We've been gamers for a very long time, and we've spent a lot of time thinking how we can make video games better for everyone. The result is Game Sense, with a unique review system, a completely revamped and "living" score system that is calculated from several various types of gamer input (instead of arbitrarily made up numbers), and a ton of tools for gamers and people who like to talk about video games to get their voices heard and to have a place where they can know they are getting reviews and opinions from a place that won't delete negative reviews and won't lie and shill to you.

A core part of Game Sense is making sure that gamers that don't like to write or make videos can have a say in scores, rankings, and more by giving them opportunities to rate video games and vote on posts. Votes on posts will affect scores.

Everything is merit based, the more active you are and the better gamer you prove yourself to be on Game Sense, the more power you gain to change scores.

Game Sense is built from the ground up to help you grow your channel and get more readers, while building a federation of gamers who want to make video games better. All of this is free, and our top users can become Game Sense Guru and have their posts featured on our social media. All free!

Level up and gain more power to change scores by posting, rating, voting, commenting, tagging, writing descriptions, updating game information, adding games to Game Sense, and more.

Who's It For?

Gamers who want to make a difference. Whether you want to speak out against bad gaming practices, talk about video games you love, or get your gaming news, videos, and reviews from gamers who don't have ulterior motives, we want you to join us.

Game Sense lets you grow in power the more you post, vote, and rate, giving you more votes on each post, and more power to change scores.

How Does It Work?

Scores are calculated on each post's Post Topic and the votes it receives.

You choose the Post Topic, and other gamers buff or nerf your post to change the score even more.

Reviews only focus on a specific part of a game. You don't have to play the entire game to review it. You can write reviews about parts of the game you like or dislike as you play through it.

Which Games?

Game Sense has a hands off approach and lets gamers decide which games should be talked about. We trust gamer's tastes.

Our data shows most gamers don't care about a lot of games that make headlines, and there's lot of games they really like that don't make headlines in traditional video game sites.

We know not everyone likes to write reviews or make videos. You can always start by voting on existing posts to change scores. You can also rate games based on Audio, Control, Difficulty, Game Length, Gameplay, Graphics, Microtransaction Free, Overall Quality, Story, or if it's Worth Playing.

Learn More About How To PostGame Sense posting is a lot of fun!

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Who can join?

Anyone, including you, is free to join. It doesn't matter if you're an experience game blogger or journalist looking for a place to chill, you want to get started posting about video games, or you're somewhere in between.

We have a merit based system that lets anyone work their way up in rankings and power, regardless of who they are or where they come from, as long as they can talk about video games gamers love.

What games are allowed?

We're looking for any video games that gamers would like. For too long, gamers have had people telling them to play bad video games. We want you to bring the best video games to gamers.

We don't really care if they're older games someone has missed, brand new games, AAA games, indie games, or whatever. We just want to give you the power to show gamers some really good video games.

Adult games are allowed, but you can't post adult content. Please keep your adult and hentai game posts PG-13.

Can I post my own website/gaming channel/game/etc?

Absolutely. Having your channel, website, or game on Game Sense is what we made it for. Part of building a place for gamers to share their knowledge and skills as a gamer includes letting them show off the work they've done.

We've worked hard to give you what you need to help grow your channel, website, or game with us. We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve and new features we can create, so don't be afraid to talk to us!

Do I have to complete games to post about them?

No. It doesn't take playing the entire game to learn what you need to know to write a Mini-Review. It just takes a little bit to know if the game play, graphics, controls, music, etc are good or bad.

You don't even have to have played a game to post links to trailers, news, and more.

Are you looking for official reviewers or mods?

We will be in due time. We will be looking for gamers who are active on Game Sense and understand what we're trying to accomplish.

They've have access to valuable tools we're developing to help them grow their channels, blogs, or whatever.

How much support will you give me?

You can always send us an email at [email protected], use the "Send Feedback" button, or reach us on twitter or Facebook.

What standards for posting are you looking for?

We understand gamers are competitive. We also understand gamers are usually the types of people who want to keep getting better at better at things, and they're more than capable of learning how to improve, whether it's a video game or real life.

Our primary concern is how much you know about video games. Obviously, we appreciate you putting in effort to make your posts as good as possible. But, if you're not an expert writer, that's perfectly fine. We give you the tools you need to see if different strategies give you better or worse results.

There are a lot of gamers out there who really know their video games.

What are the expectations?

The most important part of posting on Game Sense is knowing a lot about video games and focusing only on video games. We don't care if something doesn't fit your politics or you are personally bothered by something. We care about the video games, and we're looking for gamers to join us in building an alternative that's powered by gamers who love video games.

How much of my posts do I own?

You maintain rights to your posts, you can re-use them where you like.

We do ask, however, that you give credit to your original post on Game Sense. We want to build an awesome alternative to game media with you and we need your help too!

If you're still not sure and you have more questions, you can check out these brief guides and FAQs to hopefully answer your questions. If not, you can always send us an email or reply to us with the "Send Message" button.

Game Sense Guru Program

Anyone can start posting, but you can work your way up to become a Game Sense Guru and earn cool perks.

Game Sense Is For Lots Of Gamers

We're looking for gamers from all over, come see some specifics.

Scoring System Explained

Since we're a hybrid review and forum, we have our own unique scoring system.

How Gamer Rankings And Points Work

How you level up, rank up, and gain power.

Post Your Own Stuff

Not only are we super-generous with letting you promote yourself, we want to help you promote yourself. We believe there's tons of talented, skilled gamers out there with gaming channels who deserve a lot more.

Gamers Need You

We want to make it as easy as possible for as many gamers as possible to help build an alternative to bad games journalism and authoritarian forums. And we're not even asking for your money.

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