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It's a website built around giving gamers control of their video gaming.

Have you had enough of gamers' opinions being censored? How about having major gaming websites tell you a game is great, only to learn $60 later that it's horrible? Or your review being deleted by moderators because it's going to hurt their sales? It's time to say goodbye to that.

GameSense lets gamers speak freely about video games. GameSense was started to give gamers a voice, and to allow freedom and honest opinions about video games. If you're tired of being preached to about irrelevant things in video games, seeing games being over-hyped, or just want to take control of video games, is for you. Join us creating a place for gamers to get honest opinions on video games.

GameSense is the place for video gamers to pool together and do what most gaming journalists aren't doing. Providing unbiased coverage of good video games. We started GameSense with the idea of bringing gaming journalism and media into the modern era, as well as working with gamers to create an alternative. The rest of the internet is a social platform with interactions between people. Being social replaced newspapers and print. Yet video game journalism still follows the traditional media model.

There are two primary kinds of video game sites. Ones that get paid to forcibly promote games, and others that have stores with reviews tacked on as an afterthought. Huge conflicts of interest exist here. The first is more concerned about satisfying the people paying to promote their video game. Meaning you, the reader and gamer, are an after-thought. Reviews on stores are notorious for having an extremely low number of gamers complete what they've purchased. Why would a store like that encourage you to not buy a game? It's more profitable for them to tell you a bad game is good, get you to buy it, and then have it sit in your account, unplayed forever.

Thankfully, there is a third group, hobbyists who love video games. So dedicated to video games that they'll make websites, gaming channels, etc, just to show off their skills. There's a ton of talent out there, scattered across the internet, unorganized. One of our goals is to bring all those talented gamers together to create a large database of game quality.

GameSense started years ago. Development started around 2014, though we didn't go public with anything for a few years. We've never asked for crowdfunding or sought out shady deals. We've turned down some crazy offers, like people wanting us to pretend to be real users and then write fluff pieces for their game. Our goal is to create a place for gamers to be able to share their expertise on video games with other gamers, as well as to give gamers who don't like to make content the tools they need to manage their video games.

With so many video games out there right now, we set out to create the tools gamers need to find video games, as well as tell other gamers what to play and what video games to skip.

We stay hands-off, letting you decide what games should be in the headlines, what scores should be, and how games should be ranked. GameSense's goal is to give power to gamers.

So, what are you waiting for? You can join right now and start sharing your opinions on any video games you want. It doesn't matter how old or new, the budget, etc. If you're tired of seeing great games be ignored, you can do something about it by joining us.


What Makes This Different?

Who's It For?

Gamers who want to make a difference. Speak out against bad gaming practices, talk about video games you love, or get your gaming news, videos, and reviews from gamers who don't have ulterior motives, we want you to join us.

Game Sense lets you grow in power the more you post, vote, and rate, giving you more votes on each post, and more power to change scores.

Which Games?

Game Sense has a hands off approach and lets gamers decide which games should be talked about. We trust gamer's tastes.

Our data shows most gamers don't care about a lot of games that make headlines, and there's lot of games they really like that don't make headlines in traditional video game sites.

How Does It Work?

Scores are calculated on each post's Post Topic and the votes it receives.

You choose the Post Topic, and other gamers buff or nerf your post to change the score even more.

Reviews only focus on a specific part of a game. You don't have to play the entire game to review it. You can write reviews about parts of the game you like or dislike as you play through it.

We know not everyone likes to write reviews or make videos. You can always start by voting on existing posts to change scores. You can also rate games based on Audio, Control, Difficulty, Game Length, Gameplay, Graphics, Microtransaction Free, Overall Quality, Story, or if it's Worth Playing. How to write game reviews.

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    Show off your posts, favorite games, gaming lists, profiles, and more.

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    Enjoy getting video games from real gamers. No shills, no BS. Just video games by gamers, for gamers.

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We've built a state of the art scoring system that lets all sorts of gamers contribute

Most gamers have a problem with scores, and rightly so. Most times, they're arbitrarily made up by a video game journalist. Because they can be made up, it's very common to see inconsistencies across different video game scores, which are never explained. At best, you'll get some pros and cons next to the review. Extreme cases of inconsistencies have shovel-ware games getting higher scores than excellent niche games.

Because of this, a lot of gamers have soured on video game scores. We've worked hard to fix the two largest problems with video game review scores.

A large part comes from only one person making up the score. GameSense takes each post (review, video, or news) and allows any gamers to vote on how they think that post affects the game. See a break down how each post affects the score by analyzing post tags. You can even add your own tags to any posts. GameSense provides all the tools you need to analyze scores.

If you see news about a major feature in the sequel disappearing, share your opinion via voting, and the score will go down. It works for reviews and videos too! It's the simple theory you don't need to play a game to have an idea if it's good or not. Watching trailers or reading news is a solid indicator. However, it takes reviews and experience to tell if a video game will be great or terrible, and that's why post types are weighted, with reviews having the largest impact, videos a smaller impact on the score, and news the least.

The GameSense video game scoring system goes beyond being able to extrapolate scores from multiple posts from gamers all over the internet, it allows gamers to rate specific aspects of a video game, like the gameplay, graphics, audio, controls, etc. We are dedicated to giving as many gamers a voice as possible. Letting you affect a score without having to write reviews is a major step.

We know there are gamers with great opinions and love for video games. Sadly, they don't like to write reviews. Reviews are the biggest and oldest resources for determining if a video game is good. Rating video games on aspects of the game lets more gamers contribute to scores when they otherwise couldn't.

There are tens of thousands of video games. Scores, while they're losing popularity, are a massive indicator of whether a video game is good (when used properly). Some people believe in removing video game scores. Scores are not the problem. Video game scores are abused and misused for financial gain. Video games do not have a problem with scores. There's a fake score problem with video games. Gamers' trust in scores is eroding because of it. Video game scores are an extremely good

The best way to fix video game scores is to let as many gamers as possible contribute. It's why GameSense is more than just an average of review scores. It takes those reviews and other posts, votes on reviews, news, and videos, and ratings and calculates a score based on everyone's input on a video game.

The more input gamers give, the more accurate the score becomes, it's why there are two score bars. The lower bar fills with input. Your votes, ratings, and posts all help contribute.

The largest problem with writing video game reviews is that you're not going to get an advanced copy of a game before its release. There's a large window between gamers sharing their opinions on a game and rebutting the paid professional reviews. When gamers give scores based on news and videos before release, it gives gamers a huge advantage. The window is now closed and gamers' opinions can be heard before the professional reviews are out.

Joining GameSense and voting on posts and rating them gives gamers a head start on the journalists. If you don't know how to write a game review, GameSense is a great place to learn. We'll help you get started in a bit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

Anyone, including you, can join. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced game blogger or journalist sharing opinions you normally can't. Or if you want to get started writing reviews. We have a merit based system that lets anyone progress in rankings and power, rewarding quality writing and videos.

What games are allowed?

Any video games that gamers would like. Gamers have people telling them to play bad video games. Bring the best video games to gamers. It's fine if they're older games, brand new games, AAA games, indie games, or whatever. Use your power to show gamers some really good video games. Adult games are allowed, but you can't post adult content. Please keep your adult and hentai game posts PG-13.

Are you looking for official reviewers or mods?

We will be in due time. We will be looking for gamers who are active on GameSense and understand what we're trying to accomplish. Help us grow and we might hire you to write for us as a premium user.

What are the expectations?

Knowing a lot about video games and focusing only on video games. We care about the video games, join us in building an alternative that's powered by gamers who love video games. GameSense is designed to reward you the most if you write quality posts, become a Video GameSense Guru, and help share what you've posted on your own social media.

Can I post my own website/gaming channel/game/etc?

Absolutely. Having your channel, website, or game on Game Sense is what we made it for. Building a place for gamers to share their knowledge and skills includes showing off. We've worked hard to give you what you need to help grow your channel, website, or game with us. We're always looking for feedback on how we can improve and new features we can create, so don't be afraid to talk to us!

Do I have to complete games to post about them?

No. It doesn't take playing the entire game to learn what you need to know to write a Mini-Review. It just takes a little bit to know if the gameplay, graphics, controls, music, etc are good or bad. You don't even have to have played a game to post links to trailers, news, and more.

What standards for posting are you looking for?

We understand gamers are competitive. We also understand gamers are people who want to keep getting better, and learning how to improve, whether it's a video game or real life. We appreciate you putting in effort to make your posts as good as possible. But, if you're not an expert writer, that's perfectly fine. We give you the tools you need to see if different strategies give you better or worse results. They've have access to valuable tools we're developing to help them grow their channels, blogs, or whatever.

How much of my posts do I own?

You maintain rights to your posts, you can re-use them where you like. We do ask, however, that you give credit to your original post on GameSense. We want to build an awesome alternative to game media with you and we need your help too!

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