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Self-Promotion For Content Creators

You can grow with Game Sense and promote your gaming channel, news site, and more. Game Sense provides tools to help you reach gamers.

We've created a new meritocracy system, where the best users have their posts featured on the home page and more. You earn points by posting, voting, rating, and editing information. The top three users for the last seven days have their top post featured on the home page.

Reach Gamers

Tons of people come to Game Sense looking for information about video games. Your videos and news sites can be a big help to those gamers.

We will turn your non-review videos and news into helpful posts that score and rank video games.

Grow A Base

Having people recognize your channel or website will help you grow over time and gain more viewers by updating your Game Sense profile and posting.

Growing a channel is hard, but having gamers become familiar with your videos, name, and channel will help.


See the best day of week, time of day, games, and Post Topics work best for you. Use that information to grow and improve your channel.

Develop a good plan for what direction your channel should go in with our post analytics.


Top reviews and news posts are featured on our social media. Reach tons and tons of gamers just by writing reviews and posting news.

We've recently updated our design to get your videos to more users faster.

Grow your channel or site while helping build an alternative by gamers, for gamers.

Our goal is to work with gamers to develop the best gaming site for all gamers. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We want to hear from you so we can make Game Sense better.

You are always welcome to post, as long as you avoid politics. If you find Post Topics are missing, or have some questions, don't worry. You can always post it and we can move posts to a new category or improve features to work with you.

Game Sense is not licensed forum software. We developed it from scratch so we can evolve with gamer's needs and build something to fit gamer's needs. We already started developing Game Sense to solve a lot of problems we believe exist, but we're always looking for more feedback for more features and improvements to existing features.

Gaming Channels

Answers to common questions about posting your videos.

Site Owners

Some questions and answers if you run a gaming site.

Game Developers

You can add your game on Game Sense and share your game's page to encourage your game to be reviewed, rated, and promoted.

Advice For Everyone

What Games Are Allowed?

All games are allowed. If you are discussing adult games, please mark them as NSFW and make sure to avoid adult content. Other than that, we're looking for good gamers to post about the games they know best.

It doesn't matter if they are old, new, popular, niche, Western, Eastern, or whatever. It's our mission to let gamers decide what video games other gamers should be talking about instead of pushing games on you.

How should I set up my Game Sense Account?

We have a focus on transparency and ethics, so you must publicly declare your Game Sense account as a part of your channel, website, etc. If you have a channel, your channel name should be the same on Game Sense as it is on your channel. You should also set your avatar to be the same, as well as set up your Game Sense profile.

We strongly recommend getting involved with more than just posting your own content. By writing other reviews and posting other news, you are showing other gamers your gamer credit and showing them what kind of gamer you are. If you have a Channel, website, or video game, and you can directly speak with and to gamers and show that you genuinely care about video games and gamers.

To be exceptionally clear, Game Sense has a "disclosures" section in your profile, and you must specify any relationships you have to whatever you're attaching to your review or news post.

How Do I Manage My Account?

Everything can be found by logging in and using the menu by your username.

How Much Can I Post?

Game Sense is designed where the more information we have about video games, the better. Which means we encourage an open sharing of your website, videos, or video game. Some sites are concerned about your submissions being "spam", because you submit too often. Game Sense is designed to handled a lot of submissions. In fact, it works better that way as it's designed to organize a large amount of information and posts, instead of acting as an elite club where you're not allowed to "shill too much". However, we do ask that you act reasonably and not carpet bomb us right away.

In fact, slow, steady submissions are far more beneficial to you and your Youtube Channel, video game, or video gaming news site than just dumping it all at once. The best way to post is a few posts a day, spread out over a few hours.

How Honest Can I Be?

We have no deals with publishers, we don't depend on keeping up good relations because we need review samples. Game Sense was designed to not depend on things that would inhibit or prohibit true opinions from coming out. You are free to post unpopular opinions.

In fact, Game Sense was built from the ground up as a hobby project to try and improve the ecosystem around video games. Part of our vision involved not owing people who can censor us, or you, any favors. And we've succeeded, even though it's meant limited resources.

Still confused or have questions? Contact us and ask us questions. We have done our best to answer some common questions, but we may have missed some things.

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