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Game Sense Rules & Guide For Developers

You are allowed to add your own game to Game Sense. Game Sense is here to help you grow your game, directly speak with gamers about your game, and to get important feed back on your game so you can improve it. Because of the unique nature of Game Sense, it's effective for releasing demos and getting reviews and feed back. It's designed so if you release something and it has problems, your score will be rewarded for fixing the problems if gamers vote enough that they believe it's fixed. Other platforms make you go through hoops and go through an arduous acceptance program. Game Sense believes in survival of the fittest, and that shouldn't be denied to any developers.

Game Sense has advantages over other review sites. We require reviews to be focused and on point about a single specific issue in your game. This means gamers can address very specific characteristics of your game, and you can discuss them with them and come to a resolution. We're also open. Since we don't sell games directly on Game Sense, we can be a lot more generous on who is allowed to be a part of it. One of our goals is to ensure we open a healthy dialogue between gamers and developers without people in between them meddling. Another goal is to ensure that smaller games that normally would be brushed off, for whatever reasons, have a chance to shine if they are good enough.

You are allowed to add your own game, edit the description & game information, post preview videos & images, and post news & updates. It's strongly recommended you are as honest as possible and don't over-hype your game. Game Sense is designed to penalize publishers and developers who over-hype and under-deliver. We recommend creating an official account for your game and to only discuss your game via that account. Please feel free to

Game Sense has some rules and guidelines for developers to follow when they use Game Sense to promote their games. Game Sense is a great way to promote your game and get honest, quality feed back from gamers.

FAQ is under construction but provides the base rules for promoting your game on Game Sense.