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Game Sense For Webmasters

Game media is in an awkward position. Years ago, it was filled with passionate gamers who wanted to improve their hobby. Today, those gamers are sandwiched between corporate interests who view video games as a cash making venture, and political agenda pushers who view video games as a means to push their politics to a new, blue ocean. Each group has their own interest groups and cliques dedicated to promoting their agendas over freelancers and gamers. At Game Sense, we miss the days when game media was powered by gamers who loved video games, and put their love for games first. We feel the same way, which is why we're looking for gaming sites from gamers who care about video games, so we can grow together and consolidate smaller sites via the Game Sense News Feed.

The biggest struggles for new gaming sites are generating enough content to get reliable visitors and reaching gamers. Game Sense News Feeds wants to help you by targeting your site's articles to gamers. People looking up specific games via Game Sense will see your site. Unlike other news feeds, we give each individual gamer power over which games they see in the feed, as opposed to depending on a community and moderators to filter things out. This means you are free to focus on more niche subjects or games, and you can reach gamers without having to compete directly with larger games.

Game Sense continues to have healthy growth, and we want to share that with you as we build a healthy alternative to our hobby together. If you write quality content and are passionate about games, Game Sense wants your site in our News Feed.

Unlike other news feeds, you're allowed to submit news from your website up to 20 times a day. Game Sense depends on letting gamers filter out what's important, so it's beneficial for Game Sense to have more news instead of less. Your news submissions also help gamers find good games. Lets build a federation of passionate game sites and a single place for gamers to sort and filter that news. It's a win win for all of us. See the FaQ for more information.

Game Sense has some rules and guidelines for developers to follow when they use Game Sense to promote their websites.

FAQ is under construction but provides the base rules for promoting your game on Game Sense