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Game Sense for Youtubers

Promote your channel and give your videos meaning and value.

How can Game Sense help my channel?

Game Sense will help your channel by making it clear that your video serves a purpose. Your video will basically turn into a review, which will affect the game's score. On Youtube, gamers will have to explicitly look for your video or what your video covers. On Game Sense, anyone looking for information about the game you're focusing on will be directed toward your review. This will help gamers discover your videos when they aren't looking for them. For example, if you were to make a video covering a bug in a game, they would have to find in on Youtube by searching for bugs in that game. At Game Sense, they will find it when they just look for the game.

We know it can be difficult to be noticed starting out. There are a lot of big names out there that show up in search well before you will. Game Sense will show your videos to people looking for information about that game, and we'll help spread your video for you.

How many videos can I post?

You can post all of your videos as long as they fit into a review category. We recommend not posting a video more than once an hour. A good strategy is to post videos every day.

Overall, we don't have any limits to how many videos you can post. We only ask that for now you are reasonable and don't enter spam territory by adding tens of videos in an hour.

How do I get started?

All you need is to Join or Log In. Once you log in, you'll be at the rate and review center, where you can write reviews.

I usually stream and don't make videos, how can I work with Game Sense?

We recommend going back to your streams and creating a highlight that fits into a category for a review. And then, take your highlight clip and post it as a review to Game Sense.

You should use the same Game Sense name as your channel. This makes it clear that you're the creator of the video, and it also raises awareness of your channel and name. You should create an overlay or an intro that advertises your channel in the review as well. It's recommended that you keep the introduction, if you use one, under 3 seconds. That's enough time for a viewer to recognize the channel without it getting into the way of the content. Viewers will be more fond of your channel if you deliver good content first and foremost.

Your channel should also be put in the "disclaimers" part of your profile to make it absolutely clear that you are the owner of the channel. You should link your channel in your profile as well. If there is a streaming service that's missing, please contact us and we can add it to profiles for you.

This is a very good way to engage with gamers directly. One of the most powerful and effective ways to grow anything online is to ensure you have quality content first. You can start using Game Sense and showing gamers that you are knowledgable about games and have good taste. And that will drive people to your channel.

How can I tailor my videos to Game Sense?

Videos will be viewed more if they are short, around a minute to ten minutes long. They should focus on one specific characteristic of a game that's listed as a review category. For example, if you want to focus on a game's graphics and like or dislike them, create a video focusing on the graphics and leave it at the graphics. The most important take away is that you should keep it short and focused on a specific category.

How should I write the Game Sense review that goes with my video?

You need to explain what the video is about. The review should explain what's going on the video, at least briefly. It should be at a point where gamers reading the review can understand what's being reviewed about the game, but they still want to watch the video. You are encouraged to persuade gamers to watch your video, but the primary focus of your review should be about what you're reviewing.

How can I adapt longer videos (like Let's Plays) to the Game Sense format?

It's recommended that you go back through your longer videos and find the highlights that fit a specific review category or highlight something good or bad about the game. An ideal video length is only a few minutes long. So it's best to take your longer videos, cut them up a bit, and create a sort of highlight reel for Game Sense. It should also help your channel grow as people are more likely to watch shorter videos. See this some research on what the best length of a video is. Normally, it's around 4 minutes in length. Creating a highlight reel from your videos should help you gain more followers, specially if you post them on Game Sense.

I like to make videos and I don't see a proper category on Game Sense for it.

Contact us and we will consider adding it as a category.

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