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Instead of giving you meaningless internet points, or bumping up your post count, we give you rewards for sharing your gamer knowledge.

Make it worth your time to post and level up, instead of aiming for something useless like karma points or post counts.

7 Day Rankings

We calculate the top users from the votes they've received, post impressions, and their activity (including posting, voting, commenting, etc) and rank them.

The top three users have their best post featured on the front page of Game Sense. Yes, this means if you are posting your own videos, and you're in the top three, your most popular video post will show up on the front page.

Monthly Rankings

We create a digest of each month, including the best users, new releases, overall games, and more.

The top 10 gamers of the month have their best post in that month featured on the digest page.

Earn More Power

The more you post, vote, and rate, and most importantly, the more agree votes you earn, the more power you have to change scores.

Have more control over which games you want to see succeed.

Earn Your Power

You can earn the power to make bigger and bigger changes to scores. We want to make sure that Game Sense is open to all gamers, but the gamers who know the most are the ones with the most power.

You earn a place on the front page if you are in the top 3 for users, if you have a video in your post, that video shows up on the front page as long as you are in the top 3. The top users of the month end up in the monthly digest of the best videos, users, and games.

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