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We're looking for gamers who know their stuff, to build an alternative to game journalism with gamers who love video games.

Game Sense lets anyone get started as a video game reviewer, currator, news writer, guide writer, or information leaker, and lets gamers work up to become official Game Sense Gurus who can have their posts featured.

Quality, growing, small YouTube gaming channels are also wanted, we'll help promote your channel while you build an alternative to game media and help score and rank games.

Gamers, specially ones who are experts in a certain niche or type of game, are wanted to review, post news, and post videos about those games. Our goal is to build an alternative to gaming journalism that's crowd sourced by gamers from all over the world, who have a wide range of tastes in games. Other gamers can then filter everything how they want, to get their own customize news, reviews, and videos.

Tips For Being Accepted

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  1. Create a free account. We recommend naming it after your gaming channel, gaming tag/name/handle/etc.
  2. Set up your Game Sense profile to tell everyone what kind of gamer you are.
  3. Start posting about games you've been playing, and your favorite games. You can also currate news about games you might like, or even write your own news articles.
  4. Once you're written five or so quality posts, you can apply to become a Game Sense Guru. We'll look over your post history and stuff and see if you're accepted.
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