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Game Sense Is A Hybrid User Review Site And Forum

We know not everyone likes to write reviews. And we've seen a lot of amazing posts from gamers get lost in forums.

You can turn your posts and thoughts about video games into valuable posts that achieve the same thing reviews do. Generate scores, change game rankings, and more.

We built Game Sense from the ground up. It's not a traditional forum or traditional user review site, it's a completely custom website designed by gamers, for gamers, to give them a voice and a platform to help the video games they love succeed, while showing off as gamers, growing their gaming channels, and helping other gamers find honestly good games.

There are three primary types of posts you can make once you join us.

Mini Reviews

Mini-reviews are short reviews that focus on just one part of a video game, and it's up to you whether you think that part is good or bad. Just write a small post about something you love or hate about game play, graphics, controls, audio, store, etc.

You don't have to write long, drawn out reviews. Just focus on a few of your favorite parts of a game.


You can post videos. They don't have to be actual reviews of games, they just have to fit into a Post Topic. They can be almost anything from Let's Plays, gameplay videos, songs from the sound track, reviews, trailers, and more.

We encourage you to post your own videos if you have a channel. It lets you engage with real gamers and turns your videos into a really useful post that provides a quality video, changes a game's score, and helps rank video games in our various rankings.


Post links from the top rated sites in our News Source Rankings. Like all other posts, Link posts go into specific Post Types. They'll affect scores and rankings in a way to help predict if a game will be good or not, if it hasn't come out yet, or to help affect scores and rankings.

Links don't have to be reviews, they can be stories about trailers, patch notes, previews, game news, and more.

Sound Neat? Here's How You Post

Game Sense is pretty unique, but don't be intimidated. Posting is really just as simple as finding a game, choosing a Post Topic, and then writing a few sentences about what you like or dislike about your Post Topic.

For some great examples of posts, check out some of these reviews:

Only really worth it if you're a hardcore fan by ArcaneLRose

No stupid tutorials by kokuro

Super good music by super7

Release Trailer for 'The Perfect Sniper' by TesseractE

These posts are all very good because they focus on a specific Post Topic.

Become A Game Sense Guru!

Did you know that top users who make posts we really like become Game Sense Gurus, and when you become one, your Game Sense posts will be featured on our social media! It's an awesome way to help grow your channel, gaming site, or establish yourself as video game reviewer or news reporter.

Learn More About Being A Game Sense Guru

1. Find A Game To Post To

Every post in Game Sense goes into a video game, publisher, developer, or platform. You can think of each game as a forum topic that your posts go into.

Search our database for the game you'd like to post about. We do our best to add every video game, but we may miss some. You can always add video games you think are missing. We are an open database for gamers and developers for discuss any video games they like.

  • You can post about any video games you want.
  • A good place to start is by telling everyone your favorite parts of your favorite games of all time.
  • Post about what you've been playing and how you feel about it.
  • Besides video games, you can post about video game platforms and consoles, publishers, and developers.

2. Choose Your Post Type

There are three primary types of posts you can make. Mini-Reviews, Links, and Videos.

You can write multiple different posts for a video game, of different Post Types and different Post Topics (more on that next).

  • Mini-Reviews
    Short and sweet posts that focus on specific parts of the game you either love or hate.
  • Links
    Links to other website's reviews, news stories, and more.
  • Videos
    YouTube, Twitch, or Vid.Me videos covering reviews, music, gameplay, "Let's Plays", and more.

3. Choose Your Post Topic

Besides each post going into a specific video game, posts are also placed into Post Topic. Post Topics cover things like parts of game play, story, audio, and more.

Post Topics are in two categories, and . will raise the score of what you're posting to, and will lower it.

  • Remember to be specific and try your best to focus on the specific Post Topic you selected for each post.
  • You can always write multiple posts for the same game covering different topics.
  • You'll earn points if people agree or disagree with your Post Topic and post, which helps you in your weekly rankings, levels, and makes your account more powerful when it's time to change scores.
  • Game Sense has a merit based system, where your levels and rank determine how much power you have to change something's score. Writing more posts in the proper Post Topics will greatly improve your power.

4. Write Your Post

Focus on the Post Topic you selected, and talk about how it relates to the game. Explain why you think the game fits in that post topic and convince everyone why you are right.

Remember, those Agree votes are more than just some meaningless number in a database. They give your posts and votes on other posts a lot more power to change other scores.

  • Remember to focus on your Post Topic as much as possible.
  • Don't be afraid to write multiple posts covering different Post Topics for the same game.
  • You can even write use the same Post Topic for the same game in several different posts.

Feel free to discuss, ask questions, and make suggestions below.

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