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Currating And Writing News On Game Sense

Gaming News Aficionados who love to share stores from quality news sources, or write their own.

News Feed

All news posts go into the Game Sense News Feed, which lets gamers filter news by their backlog or the gaming platforms they own.

News Source Rankings

Gamers get a lot of their gaming news from gaming sites that hate video games, and only do it for the money or to push politics.

Gamers can rate the sites that news stories come from, to help create a list of gaming news sites that care and respect gamers and their hobby.

Predicting Scores

News posts will affect a game's score, in an effort to predict how good or bad it will be.

The changes it make can be over-ridden rather easily by reviews and videos. This can help make it clear which games were overhyped or under-appreciated.

There are a lot of games out there that gamers aren't hearing about, because other gaming sites are too busy talking about what offends them, their personal politics, or their friend's games.

It's up to you to spread the word on great games from sites that love games, respect games, and respect video games.

Recommended Way To Post News

There's an easy way to post news on Game Sense. If you love keeping up with the latest video games, we worked hard to make it as easy as possible. If you have any suggestions, we're always open to hear them.

1. Add The Bookmarklet

Drag "Post To Game Sense" to your bookmarks toolbar (Chrome, Firefox) to quick post. Once added, you'll be able to submit links and videos directly from the page you're reading, or the video you're watching.

The bookmarklet lets you start posting news on Game Sense with a click, whenever you are reading an interesting piece of video game news.

2. Browse the News Source Rankings for cool news

When you find a cool story about a game that seems interesting, click on the Bookmarklet you added to start posting.

3. Make Your Post

Continue making your post, choosing the best news topic that you personally think the news fits in, quoting an important part of the article, and briefly sharing your thoughts on the news.

Questions About Posting News

What Games?

Game Sense is designed around having lots of posts, and sorting and filtering out the best ones.

Do You Block Low Scored Sites?

No, that's censorship.