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Writing Reviews For Game Sense

You can get started writing reviews on Game Sense today! Our reviews work a little bit different from other reviews, but you'll find that our review format is really neat.

What's Different?

Traditional reviews are usually lengthy and cover multiple topics, like game play, graphics, control, story, etc.

Game Sense reviews place each of those topics into their own review. Meaning you write several reviews to cover what an old school review would.

Ease of Reading

By separating a long review into smaller parts based on their topic, it lets gamers filter out what's important to them.

If someone only cares about the game play, they can filter out all the reviews about game play.

Peer Review

Since other gamers can vote on reviews, this lets gamers determine the best and worst parts of a game through voting.

Reviews are all peer reviewed via voting Buff or Nerf.

This makes it a lot easier to write a review. If you're playing a game, you can always just post about parts of the game you like or dislike.

For example, if you are playing and you find something really great you like about the music, game play, story, or whatever, you can just write a quick review about that part of the game.

Questions About Writing Reviews

How Many Reviews Can I Write For A Game?

As many as you want. We prefer you be specific, there's no such thing as being too specific about a topic.

You're free to make one review about the thing you like the most or you dislike the most, or you can go crazy and write a bunch of reviews.

If you have 5 different things you love about the graphics, feel free to write 5 different reviews explaining each thing you love about the graphics.

How Can I Adjust The Score?

Your review will affect a score based on the Post Topic you choose.

Sometimes, it may feel like your post made too big of a difference, or not enough.

After you make your post, you can Buff and Nerf it yourself to make adjustments so the score ends up where you want.

You can also write more reviews to adjust the score too.

Why Split Reviews Up?

When we started making Game Sense, we did a lot of research on other user reviews.

We found that in depth reviews usually ended up covering the same material over and over again, and got monotonous. Splitting up reviews by topic reduces the redundancy so you can get more out of reviews.

Making sure every review fits into a post topic also stops a bunch of low effort, less than helpful reviews. Our research showed a lot of reviews on major user review sites just saying short things like "I love this game". Reviews like that don't help anyone reading them.

Our goal is to make writing reviews easier and not so time consuming, while also making them more valuable to people reading reviews.

As we mentioned earlier, it also allows for peer review of specific topics of a game, and it lets gamers filter reviews based on what parts of a game they care about the most.

What Games Can I Review?

Review whatever you want. Most gaming sites tell you what you should be playing, and they're usually paid to do so. We give that power to you, so have fun reviewing whatever you like.

It's specially helpful if you have a special niche, like you're focused on a specific platform, genre of game, etc. It really doesn't matter if you love retro, indie, AAA, Western, Japanese, or whatever, you can review it here.