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What Should I Start Posting About?

Our most commonly asked question is where to start posting about. What games, what about, etc.

What Games?

You can post about any games you want. It doesn't matter if they're old, new, indie, AAA, VNs, Western, Eastern, etc.

You can start with your favorite games, and then keep writing about games you've been playing as you play them.

What Subjects?

It's not secret most gamers are not content with current game media. So, we encourage you to be honest, open, and post the types of things gamers normally wouldn't see.

Self Promotion?

Yes, you can post your own videos or games, we just ask that you are transparent about it.

If you're posting your own game, make your Game Sense account that of your studio. If you're posting your own videos, make it the same as your channel.

Game Sense gives you freedom to post about what you want. Traditional gaming media forces you to read and talk about games they are normally paid to promote to you.

It is our mission to give gamers a place where they determine what's popular and what to get excited about.

Post Topics To Start Out With

Game Sense posts are placed into Post Topics, which makes sure each post focuses on a specific part of a game. This makes everything easier to read and write, though it might have a bit of a learning curve because most online reviews don't work that way. We've done research on what gamers want to see, and below are a list of some recommended post topics listed from what we think is easiest to write about to the most difficult. These usually go into a "Game Play" or "Quality" Post Topic.

Problems With Games

Discussing specific issues a game has in a post is a great way to get started. Gamers are used to hearing about reviews fawning over popular games while those reviews ignore problems. You can talk about problems the game has, like balance issues, lag, controls, missing features, bad features, etc. Make sure you explain why the problem is bad and how it negatively affects the game. These usually go into a "Game Play" or "Quality" Post Topic.

Game Play

Even with a push for "Cinematic Games", we've found the vast majority of gamers playing serious PC and dedicated consoles games are very concerned about game play. Talking about specific parts of a game you like or dislike is a great way to get started. Consider talking about the combat, how guns work, exploration, etc. These usually go into a "Game Play" Post Topic.

Game Patches

Modern games are more like a service, with patches released that fix bugs and change how you play the game. Gamers love to know what's changed in their game each patch, specially if you can explain how the patch will affect the game. Telling gamers the effects of a patch, specially if you're really into a game, is something gamers really want to know. These usually go into a "Update" Post Topic.

How Tos

You can write guides and post videos about how to do specific things in games. Gamers love this and it's sure to get your posts a lot of attention, specially over time. You can make a "Guide" post, or select the "Strategy Guide And Tips" Post Topic if you're posting a video or link.

Localization Changes

This one requires some research, but gamers really love to see how their imported video games are altered (or mutilated) when the game is adapted to another language. These usually go into a "Story" or "Quality" Post Topic.

Anything You Want

These are just suggestions and some of the most popular posts on Game Sense are based around this. You can post pretty much anything you want, so if you see your post ideas not listed here, don't worry! But you should try and focus on the above Post Topics if you really want to get popular.