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Posting Videos

Game Sense loves videos about games. Specially ones that come from smaller, enthusiastic gaming channels.

Videos Affect Scores

The unique Game Sense system turns your videos into posts that help score and rank games. It's also easier for gamers to find your videos.

Small Channels

We are big fans of smaller gaming channels. We believe they are making videos because they love video games, and we want to share that love while helping them grow.

Lots of Types

You don't have to post video reviews, you can post game play, music, trailers, and more. There's a ton of post topics for videos.

Whether you just find cool videos online, or you want to promote your channel while helping gamers find quality videos, you're welcome to join us and be a part of Game Sense.

Questions About Posting Videos

What If My Videos Aren't Reviews?

That's fine, just pick the best post topic you can that fits your video the best.

What Sites Do You Support?

We support YouTube videos, and clips from Twitch. You can link your Twitch or YouTube account and choose or search your videos when you make a post.

Can I Post My Own Videos?

Yes! We love smaller gaming channels. Posting your own videos is a way to help grow your channel, reach more gamers, and get around search results not treating you fairly.

To post your own videos, you must make your Game Sense username the same as your channel, and add that you're posting your own videos in the Disclaimers section of your profile.

You'll get a subscribe button directly on your Game Sense post, and other Game Sense Gamers can follow you.

If you apply to the Game Sense Guru Program, you'll even have your videos featured on our social media! This can be a huge help to growing your channel.

What Games Can I Post Videos About?

Post videos about what you think gamers will like. We're all counting on you to show us some cool games we haven't heard about, or to show us why a game is good or bad.