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We take all your posts, votes, and ratings and turn them into useful scores to compare between other games using a newly developed scoring system.

Everything works together to determine a single score, creating a system where everyone can contribute, even if you don't like writing posts. It goes a lot further than simply rating video games (though that's included), and gives you more power to change scores and rankings.


Posts are placed into Post Topic, each topic is either positive or negative.

A positive post will add to a score, while a negative post will subtract.

Agree Votes

Agree votes will continue the poster's goals of their post.

If they wrote a positive post, the score goes up. If they wrote a negative post, the score goes down.

Disagree Votes

Disagree votes go against the original poster.

If they wrote a positive post, the score goes down. If they wrote a negative post, the score goes up.


Ratings also affect scores. They don't have as big of an effect as posting and voting, but they'll still affect scores and help you rank up. A brief demo (that's safe to test with) is below.

Audio (1)
Content Amount (1)

Higher ratings will increase scores, and lower ratings will decrease scores. You can rate varous games by different aspects of a game, like game play, graphics, audio, etc.

You Don't Have To Post

We know not everyone likes to write about video games. Yet there's still a ton of gamers who don't like to write who really know their video games and are good at them. You can make a difference without having to write posts by voting on existing posts and rating games.

Did you know that generally, only 1% of people on a website actually contribute? We want to give the power to affect scores and rankings to more people than the 1% who usually post.

Example Scores

Click the buttons below to see examples of scores and what they mean.

The more you post, vote, and rate something, the higher the Score Completion goes. Higher Score Completion means a more accurate score has been build up from gamers. Depending on what Post Topic you choose for your post, how you vote on posts, and how you rate, you'll change scores.

Feel free to ask some questions or discuss our scoring system

Have some questions or comments? Feel free to post below.

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