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Game Sense User Agreement

Game Sense and all related staff will host your content, for free, provided you follow the following guidelines. Violation of these terms violates the User Agreement and means this user agreement is null and void.

Posting anything for any sort of compensation is against the rules. Posting any content after being compensated by anything, including but not limited to cash, gifts, etc.

Not disclosing business relations or other relationships related to what you're discussing is against the rules. If you work for a studio, develop games, are employed by any sort of gaming related business, or receive compensation from any gaming related entity you must disclose it in your profile.

Do not abuse means to have content you don't like removed.Abuse of various systems to have content you do not approve of or do not like removed is against the rules.

All of the above can result in deletion of your account or any content you've posted. Your user ratings may be possibly affected as well if violated.