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Vote On Posts And Make A Difference

You can vote on others posts, and you'll change how much that post affects a score. You can think of it as a peer review system, where gamers judge other reviews, news, videos, guides, leaks, etc.

How's It Work?

Each post is placed in a Post Topic, and a Post Topic controls how that post will affect a score. For example, a post about the graphics being bad would lower the score, and a post about them being good would raise the score.

Buffing A Post?

When you "Buff" a post, you're giving that post more power to change scores.

For example, if you Buff a post about the graphics being good, the post will raise the score even more.

If you Buff a post about the graphics being bad, the score goes down.

What About A Nerf?

When you "Nerf" a post, you're taking away its power.

If you Nerf a post about the graphics being good, the score will go down.

If you Nerf a post about the graphics being bad, the score will go up.

Whether you choose to Buff or Nerf a post is entirely your choice. The fun part is, you don't always have to play the game to agree. If someone posts a preview, and they think it's a good preview, you have two choices for voting. You can either Bfuf it and make the score go up, or nerf it and make it go down.

The more you get involved and level up, the more votes you get on each post! Which means if you're a good gamer who has a lot to say about video games, you get more power. This makes the one post shills that show up on gaming forums and review sites really upset, which is great!

FAQs About Voting

When Can I Vote?

You can vote right away. As you keep using your Game Sense, you'll gain more votes and more power.

How Do I Know How Much Change I'll Make With A Vote?

Before each vote you make, you'll get to see a preview of how your vote will affect the score.

If you think your vote will change the score too much, you can skip voting.

If the change is just right, cast your vote, you're done.

If the change to the score isn't big enough, you may be able to vote again based on your level.