As Anthem Playerbase Declines, Matchmaking Becomes Problematic

Posted By   Player2's Avatar Player2   on April 30th, 2019 Report

Anthem is having some serious problems with attracting players and

gamers, to the point where matchmaking is having problems finding

players to play with. Worse, it's clear that Anthem is dead, Bioware is

not putting in a serious effort to fix the problems with Anthem. Even

the low hanging fruit that could easily make the game better is not

being touch.

Anthem is definitely dying, this video covers it

extremely well. It's best to avoid this game, it's flawed to the core

and there's not enough people to actually play with now. YongYea also

claims that Anthem on PlayStation 4 is dead. He tried to do a run and

couldn't even find anyone to play with, mainly because everyone is

grinding on the most efficient run.

A sad reminder, but many gaming sites were talking about how successful Anthem's launch was.

We saw pcgamesn claim that "Anthem is BioWar's bestselling launch after Mass Effect 3"

Forbes claimed that Anthem pulled in $100 million and that it's selling better than all you wrong gamers believe!

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