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"Conquer with character in Apex Legends, a free-to-play* battle royale game where legendary challengers fight for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Explore a growing roster of diverse characters and experience intense tactical squad play in a bold, new evolution of battle royale."


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Release Dates

February 4th, 2019 (761 days ago)
March 9th, 2021 (in 2 days)
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User Posts For: Apex Legends

Apex Legends adds a permanent solo option as Switch launch looms

EA and Respawn Entertainment are gearing up to release Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch platform this Tuesday. The companies have announced that they are planning to add a No-Fill matchmaking option...
shinji77's Avatar shinji77 2021-03-06 21:36:04

Nintendo Minute - "Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Beginner Guide ft. Chad Grenier

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta highlight Apex Legends on Switch with Chad Grenier. Check out the full episode below.
zippy48's Avatar zippy48 2021-03-05 18:48:13

Here's the gameplay trailer for Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends, the free-to-play first-person shooter, makes its debut on Nintendo Switch on 9th March and we've been treated to an exciting new trailer. The clip shows the game running on Switch with gameplay...
creamyGamer's Avatar creamyGamer 2021-03-03 16:49:53

Apex Legends Switch gameplay trailer

EA and Respawn Entertainment have prepared a brand new gameplay trailer for the Switch version of Apex Legends. Get a look at the video below. Apex Legends launches for Switch on March 9.
tweak's Avatar tweak 2021-03-02 16:12:53

Newly Announced Apex Legends Figures - Where to Buy

Looking where to find the new Apex Legends figures? Well, look no further.
worm's Avatar worm 2021-03-01 16:06:04

Apex Legends Locked and Loaded Mode Could Become Permanent

Respawn Entertainment responds to fans asking to make Season 8's Town Takeover Event, Locked and Loaded, a permanent part of Apex Legends.
dibsgamer's Avatar dibsgamer 2021-02-24 12:28:09

Apex Legends guide - How Fuse works with and against other Legends

It's key to know how Fuse's abilities stack up against other characters in the Apex Legends, and this guide covers everything.
xJesse6's Avatar xJesse6 2021-02-22 08:49:16

Apex Legends Switch Players May Be a Big Disadvantage

Switch gamers are finally getting Apex Legends in just a couple of weeks, but it seems likely they may find themselves at a big disadvantage.
trig's Avatar trig 2021-02-21 08:07:09

Twitch Streamer iiTzTimmy Has Broken An Apex Legends World Record

He managed an astonishing score, but still wasn't happy!
woomyUwU's Avatar woomyUwU 2021-02-18 12:51:03

Respawn Dev Reveals Difficulties Balancing Caustic in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Lead Game Designer explains to frustrated fans why Caustic is so hard to balance and why a fix won't be coming anytime soon.
trig's Avatar trig 2021-02-17 12:30:52

Apex Legends Japanese Community Bands Together Against Cheaters

Cheaters are a global problem in Apex Legends, but the Japanese community has been particularly affected as well.
tiger's Avatar tiger 2021-02-15 10:09:04

Apex Legends Warlord Event Leaked - Arriving Earlier in March

Apex Legends will probably receive a new Collection Event in March.
Lank91's Avatar Lank91 2021-02-12 15:25:58

Apex Legends Second Anniversary Collection Event skins guide

Drop into Apex Legends until February 23 and earn or purchase tons of Second Anniversary Collection Event skins and badges.
jiggy's Avatar jiggy 2021-02-10 11:41:25

Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch file-size revealed

The file-size for the popular free-to-play multiplayer shooter Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch has been revealed via the eShop. The file-size listed is a rather hefty 15.2GB so you'll certainly need...
kokuro's Avatar kokuro 2021-02-07 05:19:06

Apex Locked and Loaded is the New Mode Coming February 9

As of February 9, Apex Legends hosts some limited-time skins and modes, including Locked and Loaded.
ruw4's Avatar ruw4 2021-02-05 08:20:19

Apex Legends launches on Nintendo Switch March 9th

Battle royale shooter Apex Legends will be landing on Nintendo Switch on March 9th, 2021. The news was announced via the Apex Legends News Twitter account, which also revealed that Switch players will...
gamerdad5's Avatar gamerdad5 2021-02-04 01:48:24

Port Specialist Panic Button Worked On The Switch Version Of Apex Legends

The best in the business - Well, it's finally official, EA's battle royale Apex Legends is dropping onto the Nintendo Swit...
superAce33's Avatar superAce33 2021-02-02 22:49:19
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