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Apex Legends Bans Japanese Player For Saying "Run" in Japanese

Posted By on April 5th, 2021

EA is the publisher of Apex Legends, and their pursuit of taking games away from people and being a bad publisher is reaching new heights. Recently, a Japanese player was banned from Apex Legends for saying "Nigero" (pronounced like knee gee row) as EA detected it as hate speech.

Basically, the player attempted to revive another player, and tried to tell them to run in English. The other player being revived didn't respond, so they other player attempted to tell them to run in Japanese, saying "nigero." An innocent person who was trying to be a good player in Apex Legends was banned because the hate speech algorithm made a mistake.

Unfortunately, as publishers try to crack down on hate speech, more and more gamers are being caught up in these filters which are making mistakes. Apex Legends is not the first, and this probably won't be the last time this happens. Which makes one wonder how effective these filters are if they are banning people for the wrong reasons and the intended targets are using different words to get around the filters.

When playing games from certain publishers, you have to be extremely careful to not say anything that sounds remotely offensive, even if it's not, as you may receive a ban for something you're not. It's unfortunate to see this.

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