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Arena Of ValorArena Of Valor JANUARY UPDATE | Everything AOV Episode 2 | LINDIS GAMEPLAY , NEW Design & Much More

Hey Folks ! Let's discuss the Arena Of Valor January Update AOV January Patch & New Hero Lindis Gameplay along with new designs and changes.

Arena Of Valor JANUARY UPDATE | Everything AOV Episode 2 | LINDIS GAMEPLAY , NEW Design & Much More

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Good update
DaRealLegend's Avatar DaRealLegend2018-01-11 19:12:39to videos / Update / Arena Of Valor
Publisher Tencent Games
Developer Proxima Beta
GenresReal Time Strategy RTS
Role Playing RPG
Audio (1)
Control (1)
Difficulty (1)
Game Length (1)
Gameplay (1)
Graphics (1)
Overall Quality (1)
Story (1)
Worth Playing (1)

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