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game Arma 3 Arma 3 "Warlords" Mode Now Available

Posted By   wizard's Avatar wizard

Bohemia Interactive has just released the new Warlords Mode for Arma 3. This new large scale competitive multiplayer mode puts two teams (NATO and CSAT) against one another on a massive map divided into smaller NPC-controlled sectors.

This is a pretty big update. The only thing better about Bohemia Interactive adding a new multiplayer mode like this is the fact that ARMA III is only $39.99 right now.

This sector, objective based gameplay seems like it'll really help with one of the big issues I had with ARMA. I know it's supposed to be a simulator, but it always felt empty the little bit I've played it. This should help with that, a lot, by focusing on smaller sectors. The best part is that it'll still take advantage of the huge maps.

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