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Posted By   spot's Avatar spot   on December 9th, 2019 Report

Ashen originally released on Xbox One and the Epic Game Store, but it's finally come to Steam. Ashen is very similar to games like Dark Souls.

The graphics settings for PC are pretty good, you can change resolution, resolution scaling, FoV, the FPS cap, v-sync, motion blur, and there's some more advanced settings. The FoV slider doesn't have any degree display, which is a little disappointing.

The advanced settings are quite detailed, and have an extensive amount of settings to change.

Controls can be edit, supporting a game pad out of the box, as well as allowing two keys to do one action.

The characters are very bland, even lacking a face. It's an artistic choice but it definitely looks kind of odd. You can customize your style, hair color, skin color, etc in Ashen. The character creator really put me off, but when you get into the world of Ashen, the character design fits into the world extremely well. It has a very nice art style, somewhat water-color painted, almost.

Game play in Ashen is just like Dark Souls, but it's definitely meant to be difficult and punishing. After only a hit or two, you can easily lose half your health or more. If you liked the intense game play of Dark Souls, you will be very happy with Ashen. A lot of key mechanics are extremely important, like dodging. You will be punished for not dodging in Ashen.

But, unlike Dark Souls, you have some questions and stuff to work with too.

You have co-op mode, which you can play with a friend. That's a really cool and fun addition. You can use the NPC as your ally, but it's definitely not a replacement for a real human. Unfortunately, you'll definitely need someone to come with you. Getting one-shot killed is not something totally rare, and the NPC can revive you once.

Overall, Ashen is great. It's finally on Steam after being exclusive to Xbox One and The Epic Games Store. It's currently only $31.99 on Steam with 20% off. Making it the cheapest way to get Ashen at the moment. I recommend it strongly if you're looking for a new Dark Souls-like game. The co-op and open world really makes it stand out. The art-style is very appealing and looks nice. It's a nice change from the dark and grim style a lot of souls-like games follow.

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