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Battleborn video game
Battleborn game


Battleborn is described as a hero shooter, primarily a first-person shooter incorporating multiplayer online battle arena elements. In any of the game's modes, the player selects from one of several pre-defined hero characters that they have available, each with their own unique attributes, attacks,...

Rank: #3077
"Battleborn is a next-gen hero-shooter brought to you by the creators of the award-winning and best-selling Borderlands franchise.
First Release May 3, 2016
Last Release May 3, 2016
Battleborn Was Finally Put Out of Misery This Past Weekend; It Deserved Way BetterYou Can No Longer Play Battleborn As Take-Two Shuts Down Online ServersBattleborn shutdown will commence at the end of JanuaryBattleborn Developer is 'Heartbroken' About Servers Shutting DownRandy Pitchford Says Battleborn 'Spearheaded' the Hero Shooter GenreBattleborn Servers To Be Shutdown InBattleborn Not Getting Anymore Updates After Fall 2017Battleborn Goes Free to PlayBattleborn - Kid Ultra Skills Overview Trailer | PS4Edgy middle fingers meet cartoonsPC Specs for Battleborn

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