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game Battlefield V EA Games Doubles Down on Wokeness Despite Poor Battlefield V Sales

Posted By   newton's Avatar newton

EA Games is doubling down in its efforts to demonize critics of Battlefield 5 with its new controversial #everyonesbattlefield campaign that promotes the "inclusion" of people who don't actually play video games (game journalists, obviously).

This is an awesome video about the problems with Battlefield V and what EA is doing to the series. One of the biggest things that the video has highlighted that I've never seen explained so well is how EA seems to use political issues to protect their products from criticism. It's quite clear that there are lots of problems with Battlefield V. Mainly that they've pushed this as a historically accurate game, added a liberal dose of their personal beliefs, and then cry that people are just ignorant or whatever and that's the only reason why they don't like Battlefield V.

But, EA would like to lead you to believe that Battlefield V is the most amazing Battlefield ever and that everyone should like it, but they don't because EA seems to believe they hate women. Which in turn leads them to seem to imply that people who don't like these changes to their beloved series are the people in the wrong. EA is more or less exploiting women and other people, by covering up the massive changes they intentionally made to the series and blaming the negative reception on people's tastes. It's like I made you a delicious sandwich, and you always came to me because I made very good sandwiches. One day I decide to completely change my recipe. You tell me the sandwich sucks now, and I tell you you're a horrible person for not liking the new type of cheese I'm using. And then I start putting posters and ads in my store about how people who don't like the new sandwich are garbage and don't deserve to eat.

Hopefully EA management can make some changes. It seems like people are realizing what EA does to deflect criticism, and they've had enough.

I've been playing Battlefield games for a long time, I have way too many hours in Battlefield 2, and I've enjoyed the series all the way up to 4. Battlefield 1 seemed like it was the start of this, and it seems like it's come to a head with Battlefield V. I really hope this can be sorted out.

It's pretty obvious that they tried to make a game that appeals to "everyone" while throwing away their core market. And it's not selling as well as the Battlefield games that revolved around all the things Battlefield V DICE and EA think are evil and horrible.

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