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Is Black Desert Online Remastered Pay To Win

Posted By on April 3rd, 2021

The game is designed to make it seem as if you need to spend about $150 to have enough pets (for auto-looting), carry weight, and inventory storage. However, if you're not a "hard core" player, the four pets you get from questing and the bonus one you get from your log-in incentive (5 total) are more than enough to keep up with most people's grind habits. The extra inventory slots gained from questing are still more than enough for most citizens. Furthermore, as a new player, you will receive many free Value Packs.

The Value Pack functions as a monthly subscription service for $15. However, if you spend the first month of the game practicing and leveling up, you can quickly accumulate enough in-game currency to buy a new value pack every month. If you're a little slow on the uptake, you might join any guild that offers 5m silver per day regular pay and place all of that money in a city storage you don't visit very often. Then, at the end of the month, your guild would have essentially paid for your value pack.

What does a Value Pack provide?

Value Pack buffs do not stack with each other, but duration does.

The Value Pack(s) you get from buying a Game package will be available as coupons on your account page.

But what if you're a tenacious core player?

So, depending on your success with acquiring Tier 4 pets, the entry fee is closer to the ballpark of $150 to $250. This is a gambling method that involves buying multiples of the same type of pet and combining them for a chance at raising their Tier. You'll also want as many character slots as possible so that you could always:

1. camp each boss location

2. have a daily/weekly life skill character at every big resource hotspot

3. build up your family popularity fund (daily silver awarded to you at log-in).

As a Hard Core player, you'll also spend your Silver on stronger / better gear, so you'll have a recurring payment of $15/mo ($45/90-day) Value Pack with an extra $25/mo for Blessing of Kamasylve that increases drop rate. The expense of Kamasylve is mitigated by events where 715 day Kamasylve are distributed like sweets, so you can think of this in annual terms at about $150/year. As a hardcore player of Black Desert Online Remastered, you'll also want to use Cron stones to secure your TET and PEN enhancements later on. If you're fortunate enough to be a member of a siege or node warring guild, you can already have enough SILVER to purchase Cron stones. However, only about 20% of players match this definition. All else should use Master Card. Spend approximately $68 on Costumes to remove Cron stones. Do you recall what we said about gambling? You could easily spend a million dollars here and never get anywhere.

But remember this: if you're not a hard core gamer, you're probably not going to bother with high level enhancing. This means that if you want to level up, you'll most likely have to spend in-game money. Master Mastercard may spend $10,000 on his first PEN unit. Your first PEN will cost you approximately 17 billion silver. Most casual players will rack in 400,800m/week at the end game, which means you'll see the PEN in about 28 weeks. Most pay to win players are not rich enough to invest $360 a week in a video game.  Do they exist? Sure.

But let's get REALLY dramatic now. Assume that money isn't an issue for you and that you aspire to be the best, of the best, of the best. Grinding is for peasants; you want to make all of your money and obtain all of your equipment without leaving Velia. I'm afraid I have bad news for you. This game isn't for you. The amount of Pearl products you can sell is directly proportional to the number of characters you have when you hit level limit. If you only get one character to level 60 before deciding to be a wallet warrior, you can only sell 10 Pearl Items per week. That means your weekly money limit is 3.35 billion silver. Your first PEN item will take you at least 5 weeks to pay in cash, BUT WAIT! There's still more! There have only ever been 121 PEN Kzarka Blades sold on the central market place as of writing this article. That is, even if you have the silver, you must depend on the rest of the community to complete the piece.

You'll simply use your Master Card to get through the TET and PEN attempts. So far, we know of at least one player on the NA server who has failed 85 consecutive safe TET attempts. But suppose you don't have the worst luck, and just have pretty average luck. You will attempt TET approximately 8 times and PEN approximately 20 times. If all of these are safe attempts, your PEN would cost $1,360 after you spend $240 on your TET. For the sake of ease, let's say $1,500 per PEN. This will place you at $10,500 for PEN Armor and Arms.

Overall, Black Desert Online Remastered isn't entirely pay to win. You can use this handy guide to avoid spending too much money in game.

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