Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night video game
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He used the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to demonstrate the demand for the game to potential sources of funding for it in 2015.

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He used the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to demonstrate the demand for the game to potential sources of funding for it in 2015. A sequel to Ritual of the Night was announced to be in early development in June 2021. Bloodstained takes place in 18th century England during the Industrial Revolution. Shardbinders were sacrificed by the Guild to summon demons from Hell in what was meant to be a scare tactic but instead brought uncontrollable destruction that wiped out the Guild and much of England until the Church was able to banish them. Another Shardbinder, the main protagonist Miriam, is spared due to falling into an unnatural slumber before she can be sacrificed. Ten years later in the game's present-day, Miriam has awakened from her slumber and has learned that Gebel has summoned the demons to destroy England as he seeks revenge on the surviving alchemists for what they did to him. Accompanied by Johannes, a former member of the Alchemy Guild, they sail across the ocean to Arvantville, a destroyed village on the outskirts of Gebel's castle, the Hellhold. They meet with Johannes's friend Dominique, an exorcist who helped Johannes care for Miriam during her slumber and has been sent by the Church to help them stop Gebel. As Miriam begins her journey into the Hellhold, she confronts Alfred, a surviving member of the Alchemy Guild and the former mentor to Johannes. As his former student, Johannes deeply distrusts Alfred's motives and fears he may be making another mistake, partially feeling responsible for the actions that Alfred and the other alchemists took in harming Gebel, Miriam, and the other Shardbinders. He gives Miriam his katana thinking that Gremory will not expect her to be wielding it and drop her guard. Miriam confronts Gebel in the Hellhold's throne room, and she attempts to reason with him by reminding him that during the trauma of her transformation into a Shardbinder, he was the one who taught her to never give up on her humanity. Alfred then arrives to steal the Liber Logaeth from them and flees. Miriam chases Gremory and Alfred through a dimensional portal into another part of the castle. As he dies, he explains that he was trying to use the Liber Logaeth as part of a spell he had cast throughout the Hellhold to destroy it.

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