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User Posts For: Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol Screenshots Show New Desert Area and Its Snake-Like Monsters

Bandai Namco is continuing to work on its upcoming MMORPG Blue Protocol, and the developers shared new screenshots.
trig's Avatar trig 2020-11-21 12:48:03

Blue Protocol Lets You Change Costumes And Cosplay Shop NPCs

Bandai Namco's anime online action RPG Blue Protocol will let you cosplay using NPC costumes, new screenshots showing off customization.
alchemy's Avatar alchemy 2020-10-19 03:36:07

Blue Protocol Gets New Screenshots Showing Cute Waitress Costumes

Bandai Namco released new screenshots of its upcoming anime-style MMORPG Blue Protocol, which is in development for PC.

Blue Protocol: More Gameplay, New Area Revealed, New Class Teased

Blue Protocol will get a strict Matching system test in November. More gameplay and features were revealed in a new stream.
spunky's Avatar spunky 2020-10-12 13:12:06

Blue Protocol Character Creation Goes Deeper With The Mystic Eyes

Imagine unironically saying "waifu" to mean "female characters" in Japanese pop-culture, desecrating the original and true meaning of Waifuism tm.
gnome's Avatar gnome 2020-08-19 00:03:07

Blue Protocol Gets New Screenshots While Developers Work on Implementing Player Feedback

Following the latest closed beta of Blue Protocol, its developers posted new screenshots as they work on implementing feedback.
pocky's Avatar pocky 2020-07-05 06:57:03

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test Feedback Report, Upcoming Changes

All the upcoming changes and players feedback following the Closed Beta Test of Blue Protocol, the new anime stylized, PC Online Action RPG by Bandai Namco.
wondergamer's Avatar wondergamer 2020-06-19 21:45:06

Anime-Style MMORPG Blue Protocol Looks Gorgeous in Tons of Videos & Screenshots From Closed Beta

The closed beta of Blue Protocol is in full swing, and players have been posting a massive amounts of screenshots and videos.
pocky's Avatar pocky 2020-04-25 14:15:09

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Postponed at the Last Minute (UPDATED)

The Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test was delayed for now, but it might still launch in the next few hours as updates keep coming.
ultrastar's Avatar ultrastar 2020-04-23 11:56:04

Blue Protocol Gets New Screenshots Showing New Monster and Temple

Bandai Namco released more screenshots of its upcoming anime-style MMORPG Blue Protocol ahead of the upcoming closed beta.
youie's Avatar youie 2020-04-16 11:42:03

Blue Protocol Gets New Charming Screenshots Showing New Monster and Town Marketplace

Following the delay of the closed beta of the upcoming anime-style MMORPG Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco has resumed posting new screenshots. 
ubergoobert's Avatar ubergoobert 2020-03-16 19:48:03

Blue Protocol by Bandai Namco Gets New Anime-Like Screenshots Showing Characters and More

Bandai Namco released a batch of new screenshots of its upcoming MMORPG Blue Protocol showing off its lovely anime-like visuals.
super7's Avatar super7 2020-02-22 12:35:05

Blue Protocol Gets Spectacular Gameplay Showing Classes, Combat, & More; Business Model Detailed

Today Bandai Namco showcased plenty of gorgeous new gameplay footage andshared details of its upcoming MMORPG Blue Protocol.
xJesse6's Avatar xJesse6 2020-02-20 11:48:07

Blue Protocol Closed Beta Test, New Trailer Revealed

Bandai Namco revealed a new trailer and a closed beta for anime-stylized, PC exclusive online multiplayer RPG Blue Protocol.
gracer's Avatar gracer 2020-02-07 09:26:06

Anime-Like MMORPG Blue Protocol by Bandai Namco Getting News Soon; Tons of Gorgeous Gameplay Revealed

Bandai Namco has been very quiet about its upcoming MMORPG Blue Protocol as of late, but they just reopened the floodgates, quite literally.
alchemy's Avatar alchemy 2020-02-03 10:48:32
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