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Posted By   larynx's Avatar larynx   on August 12th, 2019 Report
forums.gearboxsoftware.com I am aware of how he refers to himself. However, he still appears to be a singular entity so I will continue to refer to him with the pronoun that does double duty for male and gender neutral cases in English. I may change my tune if he turns out to be a collective entity.

so they are going to force you to use a robots preferred pronouns. I wouldn't mind that much but they're forcing it on you and acting like it's just part of the story. seems really arrogant to me, you don't force people to accept parts of a story. you make a story and game world people like so much they adapt to it and enjoy it. who really cares it's a fictional robot in a video game? is it really worth it to push something like this and take such a stance?

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