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Brawlhalla Review (PS4)


The first thing you’re going to notice with Brawlhalla is that it resembles Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. The gameplay shares many similarities, as well. While it obviously doesn’t have the star power of Nintendo’s own cast, Brawlhalla plays distinctly enough from its spiritual forebear to be called fun. It’s a 2D fighter where up to four colorful mascots beat each other up to accrue damage, and if you get knocked off or fall off stage, you lose a point. It feels similar but different at once, unique in its own way, and can become jolly good fun.

Seems pretty interesting, Playstation has tried to have a Smash-like game before with Playstation All-Stars and it didn't work out, but this looks like it's got a lot more potential.

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omegabuster's Avatar omegabuster November 24th, 2017

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