#14 Call Of Duty


The player has two primary weapon slots, a handgun slot and can carry up to eight grenades (all of the later Call of Duty games feature only two weapon slots; a sidearm will fill one of these slots). Weapons may be exchanged with those found on the battlefield dropped by dead soldiers.

Release Dates

October 29th, 2003 (6333 days ago)
May 1st, 2004 (6148 days ago)
November 10th, 2004 (5955 days ago)
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User Posts For: Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Cold War Outbreak Artifact Intel Locations

Here are the Call of Duty: Cold War Outbreak Artifact Intel Locations
bloody's Avatar bloody 2021-02-28 13:53:17

Call of Duty Pro NICKMERCS Unhappy About Zombies in Warzone

While many players see the arrival of Zombies inside Call of Duty: Warzone as exciting, NICKMERCS has a different opinion on the addition.
phedren's Avatar phedren 2021-02-26 13:36:17

Call of Duty Zombies: The Case for Bringing Back The Chaos Storyline

Call of Duty Zombies’ Chaos Story was ahead of its time, and Treyarch should heavily consider bringing it back at some point in the future.
allkritz's Avatar allkritz 2021-02-22 17:57:14

Call of Duty League Super Week a Response to Power Outages in Texas

Call of Duty League Super Week is seven straight days of competition in response to the power outages and snowstorms in Texas that impacted the start of Week 2 matches.
Lank91's Avatar Lank91 2021-02-18 20:54:52

Call of Duty League's Opening Weekend Sets New Regular Season Viewership Record

Call of Duty League just kicked off a brand new season this past weekend, with this being Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War's first time being used in
antwood's Avatar antwood 2021-02-17 18:51:03

Call of Duty developer targets teamkilling in League Play with latest patch

Treyarch is bringing the hurt to players guilty of teamkilling in League Play of Call of Duty. The latest patch introduces punitive measures.
tiger's Avatar tiger 2021-02-15 03:06:03

NPD Jan: Record Month Led by Switch & PS5 Sales; Call of Duty Tops Charts Again

The NPD Group has released its monthly tracking of video game spending in the US today, and the numbers spotlight a record-breaking January. Analyst Mat Piscatella was once again on-hand to break down...
mandriva's Avatar mandriva 2021-02-12 10:37:24

Activision to Unveil More Remastered Content 'in Due Course

Activision will unveil more remastered content "in due course", possibly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remastered. They'll also apply the Call of Duty model to many of their other franchises.
allstar's Avatar allstar 2021-02-05 14:16:34

Call of Duty Publishers Sued for Copyright Infringement

Creator of post-apocalyptic and military-inspired images and stories has filed an infringement suit against the publishers of the video game franchise “Call of Duty,” claiming the company’s “Mara”...
ultrastar's Avatar ultrastar 2021-02-03 12:26:25

Call of Duty Fans Are Calling For Better Quality Games Due To Series Rotation Schedule

A Call of Duty Reddit fan has brought attention to a major issue in Activision's yearly release strategy that many fans have not considered.
Jimbo's Avatar Jimbo 2021-02-02 06:54:15

Can You Name These Call of Duty Maps?

With more than 15 mainline games and hundreds of multiplayer maps making up the Call of Duty series, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly where each location comes from. If you’ve played all of the games...
Deus's Avatar Deus 2021-01-27 09:43:13

The best Call of Duty: Warzone XM4 assault rifle class

With the correct attachments the Call of Duty: Warzone XM4 can be a viable option in both Verdansk and Rebirth Island.
thegamer's Avatar thegamer 2021-01-25 12:28:03

Call of Duty Best Selling Gaming Franchise in US for 12th Year Running

Call of Duty was the best selling gaming franchise in the US for the 12th consecutive year, a record that other franchises will have a hard time beating.
omegabuster's Avatar omegabuster 2021-01-15 12:18:26

Call of Duty: Warzone's Community Is Suffering From The Stim Glitch Once Again

A game-breaking exploit has reappeared in Call of Duty: Warzone involving the stim pack item despite being patched two times already.
lugen's Avatar lugen 2021-01-12 02:00:12

Call of Duty Should Take a Year Off, Focus on Seasonal Content, Warzone

There's an argument to be made for Call of Duty premium releases to take a year off in order to focus more on Seasonal Content and the Warzone live game.
tiger's Avatar tiger 2021-01-07 16:15:47

Call of Duty Competitive Agreements Are Getting Out of Hand, Says COD Pro and Optic Owner

Two major members of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War competitive community agree that the CDL Gentleman's Agreements may be going too far.
sledbowser's Avatar sledbowser 2020-12-28 17:43:26

Activision Expands Beenox To Support Growing Call of Duty Titles

Activision expands the subsidiary video game developer Beenox in order to support active development on multiple Call of Duty titles.
woomyUwU's Avatar woomyUwU 2020-12-17 23:12:13

CODE Bowl Raises Over $900K For the Call of Duty Endowment

The second annual CODE Bowl raised more than $900k for the Call of Duty Endowment as eight military service branches came together to compete for charity.
tweak's Avatar tweak 2020-12-16 18:51:07
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