Get the Cities: Skylines - Green Cities DLC for free on PS4 and Xbox One

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Paradox Interactive have decided to give away one of the DLC expansions for their popular Cities: Skylines city builder. From now until 28th May, you can grab Green Cities for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. With Cities: Skylines part of May’s PlayStation Plus offerings, and having returned to Xbox Game Pass this week, it’s great timing to expand on the game with new content for free. To grab the DLC, it’s as simply as heading to the respective stores where you own Cities: Skylines, and grabbing it. Here’s links if you want to do that in a browser Cities: Skylines – Green Cities on PlayStation 4 Cities: Skylines – Green Cities on Xbox One Note: There is currently an issue where the free offer is not appearing for users on Xbox One that Paradox are investigating. Our understanding is that you do not need to own the game, and that it should be free regardless of if you have downloaded it via Xbox Game Pass or not. You will, however, need the base game in order to play. Green Cities was released for consoles in January 2019, having first dropped for the PC version of the game in late 2017. The expansion is, if you hadn’t already guessed, all about adding more green technology and greenery to your cities, while cutting down on nasty pollution. While the game already had a bunch of green energy sources, Green Cities takes that further, adding a big set of new building models and assets that feature rooftop gardens and self-sustainable solar panel clad housing, while you’ll also see healthier food stores and more futuristic silicon valley-style business buildings. Those will produce less tax for you to run the city with, so you might have a little bit less cash with which to handle the challenges that face your growing city. Source: Paradox
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