Code Vein details more story, Karen and Cruz Silva, partner character traits, more

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Bandai Namco has released new information and screenshots of Code Vein introducing more of the game’s story, new characters Karen and Cruz Silva, partner characters Mia, Yakumo, and Louis’ unique traits, and more.

■ Operation Queenslayer

“Operation Queenslayer” is the name of the battle to defeat the rampaging Q.U.E.E.N., where many Revenants participated as soldiers. The protagonist was one of those soldiers. After regenerating many times over, the protagonist partners with Jack, who highly values his fighting style.

Field: Military Research Facility – The Outskirts

With Q.U.E.E.N.’s attack, all of the Revenants were defeated. Piercing white thorns were the remains of that attack. And the building’s function as a facility fell with Q.U.E.E.N.’s rampage. Flames and black smoke built up around the facility, and the fierce battle with the intermittent Lost continued on.

  • The facility and its surrounding area took a devastating blow from the “Thorns of Judgment” that led to the world’s collapse and Q.U.E.E.N.’s attack. Both inside and outside of the building, the Lost that serve Q.U.E.E.N. roam about.

—The Lost, otherwise known as Q.U.E.E.N.’s vanguard. There are both one-handed sword-use types and halberd-use types. They are the strongest of the strong, and can also use Gifts.

  • And then there is the “Queen’s Knight,” which will confront you as a boss battle.

  • The Deathmatch Against Q.U.E.E.N.

Jack and the protagonist confront Q.U.E.E.N., but face a hard fight against her mighty power. During that battle, Gregorio Silva comes running to help. He uses a Gift to put up a barrier that protects the two and defends against Q.U.E.E.N.’s attacks.

  • Jack and the protagonist move on the offensive thanks to Silva’s support, but during that battle, the protagonist’s mask is removed and miasma enters his system.

  • Although they somehow succeed in defeating Q.U.E.E.N., the protagonist progresses towards becoming a Lost. At the hands of Jack, who determines that there is no means to save the protagonist from the transformation, the protagonist is dropped down to the bottom of a ravine…

  • ■ Characters

Karen (voiced by Yumi Hara)

One of the researchers who worked on the Q.U.E.E.N. Project, and Louis’ older sister. She died during Q.U.E.E.N.’s rampage, but was immediately revived as a Revenant. She also participates in Operation Queenslayer, serves as a protective observeror of Revenants returning to death, and supports their fight.

Revenants, which are are immortal, died and regenerated many times over in the battle against Q.U.E.E.N. Karen’s role is the welcoming, care, and maintenance for the Revenants that are regenerated, as well as battle support.

  • Cruz Silva

The girl that became the test subject of the Q.U.E.E.N. Project. She was a schoolmate of Louis, and is Gregorio Silva’s daughter. She withstood painful experiments in hopes of saving mankind, but became a destruction incarnate under the pressure of an unsuccessful experiment.

  • ■ Misama and Mistletoes

Revenants who inhale the miasma that occurs around Q.U.E.E.N. are hit with a violent thirst for blood and are in danger of becoming Lost. For that reason, it is necessary for Revenants to always wear a miasma-purifying mask in battle.

  • Activated “Misletoes” purify the miasma around them, and have the ability to connect and regenerate the flesh of the Revenants that have vanished from this world. It can be called a lifeline for Revenants.

■ Each Character’s Partner Traits

◆ Mia’s Partner Traits

While Mia mainly fights using a bayonet and keeps her distance from enemies, she supports the player by strengthening their Drain and Gift performance. She is somewhat weak compared to other partners, but is good for players who want to utilize her support capabilities to actively defeat enemies. In boss battles, she also has an attack-type Gift called “Guard of Honor” that can deal big damage.

—While the player approaches the enemy, Mia will provide support from the rear with long distance attacks that utilize her bayonet.

Co-Op Gift: Trance Time

A Co-Op Gift that can be used when Mia is your partner. It trades off melee attack power in order to reduce the amount of Ichor Stock consumed when using Gifts for a fixed period of time.

Some of the Gifts that Mia Can Use

  • Blood-Eating Long Sword – Increases the Drain performance of both herself and her partner’s weapon attacks for a fixed period of time.
  • Guard of Honor – Generates several ice pillars in spaced segments that shoot at her target.

—By reducing the Ichor Stock consumed by Gifts through the use of Mia’s Co-Op Gift “Trance Time,” you can make efficient use of high-power Gifts that would normally consume a lot of Ichor Stock.

◆ Yakumo’s Partner Traits

Yakumo is an attacker who actively approaches the enemy, and damages and pushes them back with his two-handed sword. He follows the breaks between the player’s attacks with his two-handed sword, making for a more efficient battle. His physical strength is high compared to other partners, and he can easily withstand an enemy’s powerful attack. He supports the player by using Gifts that increase attack and defense performance. Players can also utilize Yakumo’s traits to fight from the rear.

—While Yakumo’s Co-Op Gift “Lupine Live” is activated, guard performance increases. You will not be pushed back by enemy attacks, and can maintain intervals of attack.

Co-Op Gift: Lupine Live

A Co-Op Gift that can be used when Yakumo is your partner. It trades off evasion speed in order to reduce the amount of stamina consumed when guarding, as well as increase the amount of damage you can deal after going from a guard to an attack.

Some of the Gifts that Yakumo Can Use

  • Mudblood Protection – Condenses Ichor Stock to the limit to generate a barrier around himself and his partner that significantly reduces the amount of damage taken only once.
  • Flash Fang – Increases attack power only for the blow that follows the Gift.

—Yakumo’s “Mudblood Protection” Gift significantly reduces the amount of damage received. It is especially effective in battles against enemies with powerful attacks.

◆ Louis’ Partner Traits

Louis is a balanced type that even uses Gifts while fighting at close range. His attacks have moderate breaks between them, and his ability to survive is high as he makes use of hit-and-away tactics that utilize his attack speed. Since his “Blade Dance” Gift strengthens himself by increasing his attack performance during combos, players can better manifest those effects by using attacks that easily push back the enemy.

Additionally, when Louis is Focused, his own attacks inflict the enemy with the “Slow” status ailment. By increasing Louis’ number of attacks, you can weaken the enemy and fight at an advantage.

—A combination attack that utilizes Louis’ quick attack speed and balance. The synergy between the player and Louis manifests by creating breaks for Louis to attack with co-op attacks.

Co-Op Gift: Phantom Gain

A Co-Op Gift that can be used when Louis is your partner. It trades off defense power to increase attack power for a fixed period of time, and also changes your evasion action.

One of the Gifts that Louis Can Use

Blade Dance – Increases damage dealt for each time damage is dealt to an enemy for a fixed period of time.

—The Co-Op Gift “Phantom Gain” reduces defense power, but increases attack power and evasion performance. By making skillful use of step evasions, deal damage to the enemy with hit-and-away tactics.

■ Multiplayer

In the prison of fog where miasma spreads and many Lost run rampant, it is recommended you call upon the aid of a fellow Revenant.

—Explore the world with another player. The help of other Revenants is essential to clearing dungeons with high difficulty.

—By sending out a distress signal in areas where you need help, you can get help from another player that has met certain conditions.

—Only the other player’s player character will come to help. Your own partner will also remain alongside you. The Gifts used by your partner will also effect the player that has come to help.

Communicating with Other Players

In Code Vein, you can freely combine gestures, stamps, and voices to create your own emotes and communicate with other players.

There are several types of emotes you can create, which you can save to a palette for immediate use on the field and in battle.

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