Code Vein Producer Gives Development Update; Would Like to Make a Sequel Expanding the World

Posted By   Player2's Avatar Player2   on April 11th, 2018 Report

Code Vein could become a franchise if the wishes of its producer Keita Iizuka are fulfilled, while developers are moving towards the polish phase.

Secondly, we get an update on the state of development. We hear that the base of the game is almost complete, and the team is starting to focus on tweaks and polish so that everyone can enjoy it. The development team is working hard to deliver the game to the fans as soon as possible, and Iizuka-san encourages them to look forward to it.

I've been watching Code Vein closely, it's been turning into a very awesome game over time. We'll have to see how Code Vein is once we get our hands on it, but the fact that the developers already want to make another game and turn Code Vein into a series is a positive sign the developers are confident in their game.

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