Code Vein Shows Off Eva and Jack and a New Location in New Screenshots

Posted By   Player2's Avatar Player2   on March 29th, 2018 Report

The screenshots show players a new location within the Code Vein universe, the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. This area is a huge cathedral that seemingly calls out to lost lambs who end up walking its halls forever. While exploring, players will encounter a large walk-like creature known as the Successor of the Ribcage who will block the player’s path to the cathedral.

Additionally, the screenshots introduce two of the player’s AI partners, Eva and Jack. Eva is the leader of Revenant faction, while Jack will assist the player through early portions of the game.

Code Vein is really coming together. These screen shots look awesome. I remember first seeing Code Vein and being sort of disappointed with how it looks. But everything is coming together and it's looking better and better every time I get a taste of it.

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