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Posted By   allstar's Avatar allstar   on April 24th, 2018 Report

I saw this in an article talking about how this video was game play, and I'm really disappointed. We've seen a lot of screen shots of Code Vein, but not so much game play. And now we finally get a "game play" trailer and it's a bunch of people who played the game for a few minutes talking about how much they like it with small clips of game play in between.

The fact that I haven't seen any good game play videos yet, and now we get this shill happy marketing-fest here that looks like an infomercial, has been starting to get concerned for Code Vein.

Something like Playstation Underground or Nintendo Direct, where you get streams of the game really raises my confidence in if a game will be good or not.

But this is really starting to scare me. Why can't they show us more game play? It's pretty obvious the game is far along, so why? Are you worried about it too?

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