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Deus's Avatar Deus July 19th, 2021

So, who like a nice side-scroller? This is one of those genres designed specifically for amusement arcades. Put your penny in the slot, press a button, get finger cramps from trying not to be blown to bits by much too much occurring at once, dodge any imminent seizures from the flashing items, die, rinse and repeat. This was exactly my general motto as a twelve-year-old, and I enjoyed every minute of it. After twenty-odd years, the side-scrolling shooter is still one of my favorite games to play. Cotton Reboot! comes very handy here. It's frenetic, bright, and lethally addicting, and it's been burning dazzling things into my retinas for quite some time. You're going to want to know more about this wonderful little blaster, and I'm about to tell you everything about it.

Cotton Reboot! is a reboot (surprise, surprise) of Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams. You will play Nata De Cotton, a witch with a severe sweet tooth, in a narrative that is batshit insane in the greatest way imaginable. Who wouldn't fight a demonic army only to get their hands on a super large version of their favorite snack? Is that everyone? Yes, but there are fairies who need to be saved as well, so we're all set.

Reboot in Cotton! You will control Nata and Silk, her fairy companion, as they blast across seven zones, destroying waves of dangerous monsters with a variety of explosive and completely devastating spells. All in an attempt to get Willow, a highly rare type of fairy power that happens to resemble boiled sweets. In the process, you must also save the fairy kingdom. Furthermore, there are just a few demon lords to be concerned about, so nothing significant is at stake.

Cotton Relaunch! Is an undeniably enjoyable game. This is the kind of activity you want to be engaged with if you don't mind utilizing your gray matter. This title is frenetic, quick, and showy, and it encompasses everything you desire in a great shooter. If you're the sort of person who can't live without high scores and will play again and over until you earn them, this is the game for you.

Those of you who want to obtain a perfect run on a game and consider playing past the three permitted continues to be heresy will find a lot to like here as well. For those of us who finish a title and move on, or who aren't too concerned with leaderboards, there may be less to keep you interested, and I'll explain why in a bit. Before I start complaining, I want to make it clear that Cotton Reboot! accomplishes the things it's supposed to do nearly flawlessly, so I'm not criticizing the game's core; there are simply a few aspects that may turn off certain players.

Cotton Reboot! suffers from a few flaws that prevent it from being a genuinely memorable game. The tale is the first of them. This is a short game with a Japanese narrative and subtitles. This is good in and of itself, but you only get snatches of what's going on between stages, and there isn't really enough there to make for anything noteworthy. Now, I understand that this is a shooter and that it does not need to be story-heavy, but I would have wanted to see a little bit more than what was provided.

You get Silk as an unlockable playable character, and her tale would have probably sufficed. I understand that this is a reboot and that feature was not included in the original game, but I believe it would have been a nice addition that would have filled out the experience a bit more. I've basically told you the entire narrative in the preceding sections, with the exception of the denouement, which, in true Japanese fashion, makes no sense. This isn't such a significant deal that it ruins an otherwise fantastic experience; it's just something to be aware of.

Second, if we're going to be playing in seven different zones, I'd want to see seven of them. Cotton Reboot! consists of six distinct planets and a final level that consists solely of a monster encounter. I'd have liked to see a level linked to this, or to have to battle the ultimate boss in stages over a single zone. The last battle isn't very difficult (if you don't care about continues), and it's just a rather mediocre boss, so there's no real sense of success when it comes down to it. Again, nothing is wrong, and I'm not complaining, but I'd have wanted to see a little more here. In addition, all of the boss bouts are enjoyable, albeit after you figure out how to telegraph the techniques, I'm not sure whether I'd call them challenging.

The last annoyance isn't really the game's fault, but it's something I think need to be mentioned. The visuals are stunning, and the monsters you fight are diverse, adorable, and lethal. The trouble is that you're moving so quickly and concentrating so hard on not being blown to bits that you don't truly take it all in. This, I believe, is a common problem that many shooters have, but if you're going to put all of that effort into making your game look gorgeous, it makes sense to allow the user ample breathing space to appreciate it.

Finally, these are minor annoyances that should not detract from what is sure to be an interesting experience for you. What may be more of a concern is the issue of value for money. Cotton Reboot! costs approximately £35.00, and I don't believe there is enough material to justify that price. There are numerous enjoyable modes available. The main Arrange mode, which I finished in a couple of hours with both characters, is a gorgeous and reasonably true replica of the original game.

Second, there is the X68000 mode, which is the original arcade classic and offers degrees of difficulty, allowing for a longer lifespan, and third, there is a score assault mode. The final of these is timed and will most likely appeal to the score warriors out there. Having said that, I still don't think there's enough to justify the hefty price tag. If there were more items to unlock or in-game achievements that rewarded you anything other than badges, it would keep you coming back, but unfortunately none of these things are there.

Finally, you've got a really sleek, disgustingly adorable shooter that's a lot of fun. Everything works and looks nice, and aside from the few annoyances I stated before, there isn't much to complain about. The main issue here is the pricing point and the amount of bang for your money you're receiving. I'd tell you that if Cotton Reboot! was half the price, you'd be crazy not to give it a go. On the other side, there was a plethora of stuff to immerse oneself in, whether through gameplay or unlockables, artbooks, museums, and so on. I'd say the pricing was well worth the goods. In this situation, I don't believe I can state any of these things. If you want a very enjoyable nostalgia feast, this is a wonderful way to go; if you're concerned about the contents of your pockets, you might want to reconsider this title for the time being.


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