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counter-strike: global offensive video game

750 hours later


Counter Strike Global Offensive is a competitive shooter with a good learning curve and pretty good balancing they are adding newer sometimes better sometimes worse gun sounds and better surround sound the game has great replay-ability and is awesome to be played with friends but alone is a bad idea in lower competitive ranks because there are a lot of toxic players and smurfs (People playing on a lower rank than their other/main account) valve is battling against this with prime matchmaking that you unlock around level 21 you also have overwatch this is an anti-cheat that players choose if someone is cheating this is pretty accurate and bans a lot of cheaters, the graphics are pretty good for the age of the game and the steam workshop makes you able to play a lot of minigames there are micro-transactions but these are not pay 2 win they are totally optional so don't worry about that

I would suggest buying this game it is totally worth 15$ but if you can get it in sale its even better

Kualdir's Avatar Kualdir January 20th, 2017

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