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CrossfireX video game
Rank: #2888
It is the third installment in the CrossFire series.
First Release February 10, 2022
Last Release February 10, 2022

User Descriptions

It is the third installment in the CrossFire series. Remedy Entertainment worked on the game's single-player campaign, while Smilegate Entertainment led the development of the game's free-to-play multiplayer portion. CrossfireX is a first-person shooter and the console version of CrossFire . Classic mode sees the attacking team attempting to plant a bomb while the defending team has to stop them. The Spectre mode is a variation of the classic mode, though the attacking players are spectres, who are only equipped with knives but they can stay invisible when they are not moving. There is also a Modern mode, in which the two teams need to fight for maintaining control over two objective points in a map. The single-player portion, which would not be free-to-play, consists of several operations. The story explores a global conflict between Black List and Global Risk, two private military factions. The original Crossfire, developed by Smilegate Entertainment, is an extremely popular free-to-play multiplayer game for personal computers in the East. The team wanted to expand the narrative of the franchise and introduce it to a broader audience. Therefore, the team partnered with Microsoft to create a console version and entrusted Remedy Entertainment, a Finnish video game developer, to create a single-player campaign for the game. As Remedy at that time was exploring the idea of working on a first-person shooter, and planned on developing multiple projects at once, the team agreed to help Smilegate.


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