Dark Souls RemasteredDark Souls Remastered will feature 2K unconverted textures on the PC

Although there is no mention of a new lighting system – or a transition to a new engine – the teams confirmed that the PC version will feature 2K textures. According to the publisher, the PC version of Dark Souls Remastered will support native 4K resolutions and all of its textures will be in 2K and unconverted (our guess is that this means that the textures will be uncompressed?).

Well, these kinds of remasters can either be really great or hastily done. One of the biggest problems I have with 4k "remasters" is when they don't put much effort in and only get the game running at 4k and 60fps.

But, it seems like they'll be working on the textures a lot, and the jump to 60fps will be very nice. I'm a little cautious about which way this will go, but I think it'll be one of the better remasters.

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