Darksiders Genesis Review - Don't Assume It's a Diablo III Clone

Posted By   Player2's Avatar Player2   on December 7th, 2019 Report

Darksiders Genesis is a departure from typical Darksiders games, which has lead it to be compared to Diablo III quite often. Yes, Darksiders Genesis may forego the original third person game play of the original games for a top down approach, but there's some pretty big differences.

Diablo III depends on loot, while Darksiders Genesis lacks any sort of loot. DG also focuses more on their light RPG elements, where you assigning souls to monsters you power up through a skill tree.

Darksiders Gensis also plays a bit differently than Diablo III and feels a lot more like a lighter version of earlier Darksider games. There's a good amount of exploration and secrets to find, platforming and puzzles.

The atmosphere of the game succeeds 100% in making you feel like this is a Darksiders game. There are three other mainline games in the series, and I felt like Genesis did a great job of bringing back the atmosphere and feelings I had playing the earlier games.

Darksiders Genesis is a very good way to get the Darksiders world, without having to get as involved as you would have with a full Darksiders game.

But this does mean the game is a little lower budget, and you might notice some graphical glitches here or there. But overall there wasn't anything fatal or crippling while I played, like crashes, etc.

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