Procedural World Generation Is Great

Posted By   akorn's Avatar akorn   on September 6th, 2018 Report

There are a lot of these rogue-like, randomly generated 2d pixel games out there. I'll admit, when I went to play Dead Cells, I had my doubts. I've given games like this a try before. They usually have some potential, but because the worlds are generated, it usually misses out a lot on some of the things that you get with a hand crafted world. Things like memorable places, interesting challenges, and some different paths to take.

Dead Cells does an awesome job of generating these maps. Other generated games I've played, I've quickly found things like places I couldn't reach, some weird difficulty in some sections that doesn't make sense (like one extremely hard part then the rest is really easy), and they're usually not very memorable and you usually don't see much cool stuff. Worst cases I've seen things that just don't make sense (like enemies trapped in places they can't get out of, places I can't reach, etc).

I don't really know what they've done with Dead Cells to make the level generation so great, but it's done very well, probably the best out of any procedurally generated games I've played. It feels like the levels flow together and they make you want to explore for more than just grinding gear. They're interesting, I find myself often exploring different paths and finding things that will help me out. It's usually very rewarding and I'm glad I took the time to explore.

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