#629 Death Stranding


Death Stranding is an upcoming open world action video game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4.

Release Dates

November 8th, 2019 (381 days ago)
July 14th, 2020 (132 days ago)
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User Posts For: Death Stranding

Death Stranding Fan Creates Live-Action Short Film for Its One Year Anniversary

To celebrate the anniversary of Death Stranding, one fan made a live-action short film with scenic imagery that feels right from the game.

Hideo Kojima talks about the similarities between Death Stranding and the current pandemic

In a recent interview with IGN, Hideo Kojima talked about Death Stranding, and the current virus pandemic. Kojima looked at the world at that time, and felt that it was becoming divided, and that people...
kenji's Avatar kenji 2020-10-30 11:05:05

PlayStation Store Halloween Sale Features Discounts on Death Stranding, DOOM Eternal, and More

With Halloween around the corner, the PlayStation Store is offering discounts on several spooky and scary titles to enjoy the holiday with.

Death Stranding Cosplay Portrays Fragile in an Incredible Apocalyptic Photoshoot

Cosplayer Frau Haku takes on Death Stranding's Fragile and smashes it out of the park.
bloody's Avatar bloody 2020-10-09 10:23:04

Death Stranding Novel English Translation Dropping Later This Year

Death Stranding continues to see success on both PlayStation 4 and PC in the west, and now its official novelization is getting translated.
cores's Avatar cores 2020-08-10 18:43:03

Kojima Comments on Death Stranding COVID Comparisons

Hideo Kojima has finally commented on the Death Stranding COVID comparisons, stating that he's "not a prophet."
Ace9's Avatar Ace9 2020-08-01 20:12:05

Death Stranding PC Performance Analysis

Death Stranding is finally available on the PC, so we've decided to benchmark it and see how it performs on the PC platform.
worm's Avatar worm 2020-07-16 03:54:03

Death Stranding PC Review

Death Stranding was one of the biggest PS4 exclusives of last year, possibly of this entire console generation. But as the very concept of an exclusive
alchemy's Avatar alchemy 2020-07-14 13:10:03

Death Stranding for PC launch trailer

Publisher 505 Games and developer Kojima Productions have released the launch trailer for the PC version of Death Stranding. From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all-new, genre-defying…
Deus's Avatar Deus 2020-07-13 09:15:07

Get Death Stranding for free with certain Nvidia RTX GPUs

Nvidia announced a partnership with 505 Games and Kojima Productions today, offering a free copy of Death Stranding with select GPUs.
dibsgamer's Avatar dibsgamer 2020-07-09 14:14:05

Death Stranding's PC Version Looks Fantastic and Includes New Half-Life and Portal Content

I waited seven months to play Death Stranding on PC, and now with 10 hours in the game, I'm happy to report that this could easily be the definitive version of the delivery service.
forest's Avatar forest 2020-07-06 18:23:04

New Death Stranding screenshots showcase how beautiful the PC version looks in 4K/Max Settings

505 Games and Kojima Productions have shared a new set of screenshots for the PC version of Death Stranding.
mandriva's Avatar mandriva 2020-07-02 12:10:04

Death Stranding PC Preview - Kojima's World Feels Even More Real This Time

Death Stranding was one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives of last year. Arriving in November 2019, the game quickly became a lightning rod for debate
gracer's Avatar gracer 2020-07-01 09:28:06

The PC specs for Death Stranding have been revealed

Hideo Kojima’s post-apocalyptic postal epic is coming to PC in just a few short weeks, but what kind of gaming hardware will you need to throw at Death Stranding come its 14th July release date?...
delta's Avatar delta 2020-06-12 11:30:08

Kojima Productions Unveils Death Stranding PC Specs, Details Half-Life Crossover

The PC port of Death Stranding is approaching its release, and Kojima Productions has detailed what players will need to play it properly as well as what bonuses they can expect via the Half-Life crossover....
cutter's Avatar cutter 2020-06-11 11:14:03

Death Stranding has been a commercial success, confirms Hideo Kojima

I do not think this will be too much of a shock to people, but Hideo Kojima has confirmed that Death Stranding has been a commercial success, which has led to Kojima Productions making a profit and securing...

Kojima Says Death Stranding Sales Made the Game Profitable

According to Hideo Kojima, Death Stranding sales figures, which remain under wraps, made the game profitable for Kojima Productions.
Deus's Avatar Deus 2020-05-29 14:23:04

Hideo Kojima Announces Death Stranding Reached Break-Even Point

Hideo Kojima answered both matters in a new interview.
kokuro's Avatar kokuro 2020-05-29 13:23:05
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