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Deep Rock Galactic video game
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DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is a first-person co-operative sci-fi shooter for up to 4 players, featuring fully procedural and destructible environments to explore, mine, and explode your way through to reach your...
First Release February 28, 2018
Last Release May 13, 2020

Deep Rock Galactic coming to PS4, probably next-gen too

funkymonkey's Avatar funkymonkey May 13th, 2020
Having spent a couple of years being tempered in the early access forges, Deep Rock Galactic has finally launched today on PC and Xbox One. Developed by Danish indie studio Ghost Ship Games, this co-op shooter has you mining for precious resources while gunning down hordes of alien bugs, exploring perilous procedurally generated maps. Sitting on an “Overwhelmingly Positive” reception from Steam players and a mighty 8/10 in our review, Deep Rock Galactic isn’t available on PlayStation 4 right now though the developer is clearly eyeing up Sony’s market-leading console. Speaking with Wccftech Ghost Ship Games CEO, Søren Lundgaard, explained why the dev partnered with Microsoft to bring the game exclusively to Xbox One: Sony did not have any Early Access Program and we were set to be an early access game because we wanted to develop Deep Rock Galactic along with the players. Otherwise, we would have to delay the launch of the game by a year or two and that was never our plan. So we looked around and Microsoft’s Xbox was basically the only platform console platform that offered something similar to early access. So it wasn’t really a decision to keep someone out, more a decision of Okay, who can we collaborate with? And there was only Microsoft. We have an exclusive launch deal with Microsoft on consoles. But at some point that will run out and then, we will definitely explore other console options. When asked about the possibility of a cross-gen version of Deep Rock Galactic, Lundgaard mentions the inevitable generation overlap though admits that Ghost Ship has no plans for PS5 or Xbox Series X when those systems launch this holiday season. As for the Nintendo Switch, Lundgaard pretty much ruled out a handheld port. This, he says, is mostly due to the system’s memory which wouldn’t be sufficient enough for Deep Rock’s procedurally generated levels. Deep Rock Galactic has been at the top of TSA’s playlist throughout the week and is easily one of the best, most replayable co-op shooters 2020 has to offer. Source: Wccftech
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