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February 2nd, 2021 (16 days ago)

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Destruction AllStars Outlines Future Plans - Featured Playlists, New Cosmetics, More

The show must go on - Destruction AllStars released on PlayStation Plus at the start of this month, and it's fair to say i...
worm's Avatar worm 2021-02-25 09:49:22

Destruction AllStars Update Fixes Crashing Issues and More

Lucid Games releases a hotfix for PlayStation 5 exclusive Destruction AllStars that fixes many issues, such as the game's frequent crashes.

Destruction AllStars Kicks It Up a Gear with Double XP Weekend on PS

It's raining AllStar Coins - What kind of multiplayer game would Destruction AllStars be if it didn't have a double XP eve...

Destruction AllStars Has At Least a Year of Content Planned

Earlier this month players got to experience delayed PS5 launch title Destruction AllStars, which is currently free with Plus, but it seems there is plenty to see in the future. In an interview with Eurogamer,...

Destruction AllStars Voice Chat Disabled After DualSense Mic Complaints

Destruction AllStars voice chat has been disabled by default after complaints stemming from the always-on DualSense mic that led to a lot of hate speech in-game.

Destruction AllStars Hotfix Now Mutes Voice by Default

A new Destruction AllStars hotfix solves one of the game's more annoying problems by disabling lobby voice chat as a default setting.

Destruction AllStars Guide: Tips, Tricks, and How to Win

Hey now, you're an AllStar - Destruction AllStars is the latest PlayStation 5 exclusive from Sony and Lucid Games. Initial...

Destruction AllStars: How to Mute Players

Destruction AllStars is now available for subscribers of PlayStation Plus, but players are having trouble muting unwanted noises.

A Potential Destruction Derby PS5 Revival Ultimately Became Destruction AllStars

Party crashers - Who has fond memories of Destruction Derby on the original PlayStation? At the time, it was a pretty impr...

Destruction AllStars File Size Will Be Kind to Your PS5's Precious SSD

A mini adventure - Destruction AllStars is Sony's next major PS5 exclusive, and it arrives tomorrow as part of your PlaySt...

Destruction AllStars Trophy List, PS5 Features Revealed

Destruction AllStars will make good use of the PS5 exclusive features. Destruction AllStars trophy list has also been unveiled and the good news is it doesn't appear to be a grind.
rx99's Avatar rx99 2021-01-29 18:46:10

PS5's Destruction AllStars Promises Immersive DualSense Feedback, Atmospheric 3D Audio

Feel everything - The flagship features of Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5, are awesome when used to their fu...

Destruction AllStars' Challenge Series to Be Locked Behind Premium Currency

Content includes backstory and character motivations - Destruction AllStars was due to release as a full-price PlayStation...

Destruction AllStars 'Meet Your AllStars' trailer

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Lucid Games have released a new trailer for Destruction AllStars introducing the game's sixteen playable characters. Here is an overview of the...

Destruction AllStars PS5 Gameplay Discovered in Share Factory Studio

Only a few seconds, though - We’re still waiting for our first proper look at February PlayStation Plus freebie Destruct...

Future Free PS Plus Game Destruction AllStars Teases Info and Media

"We've got a lot in store for you" - It feels like Destruction AllStars has been given a massive new lease of life after i...

Destruction AllStars PS5 Trophies Demand Lots of Online Play

We're all connected - Destruction AllStars was due to release on the PlayStation 5 at launch next week, so the title’s p...
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