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game Devil May Cry 5 Follow These Steps To Remove Denuvo From Devil May Cry 5

Posted By   jiggy's Avatar jiggy
Steam owners can, at least for now, download the Denuvo-free executable file and run the game without that controversial anti-tamper tech
1. Open the Steam Console

Enter the following address in your browser


Then, you can see the Steam Console.

2. Download the Denuvo free file.

Enter the following command in the Steam Console:

“download_depot 601150 601152 8448614996291133808”

Then waiting for the downloading.

3. Overwrite the file

You can find a DevilMayCry5.exe file(About 131,200 KB) in the folder shown on Steam Console.

Then overwrite the DevilMayCry5.exe file(About 486,549 KB) in your Steam Devil May Cry 5 folder.

4. Restore the file

If the game does not work properly or has bugs after replacing the file

Please use “Verification integrity of the game files” to recover the file.

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Devil May Cry 5

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