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game Devil May Cry 5 Sony's PlayStation Rays of Censorship Shine Again

Posted By   spunky's Avatar spunky

Sony and PlayStation, in their quest to take mature content out of mature games, has added the infamous "conveniently placed rays of light that cover up partial nudity" to Devil May Cry 5.

Here's the Western PS4 version:

You can clearly see the ray of light covering up the butt, and it clearly looks like it doesn't belong.

Japanese PlayStation 4 Version:

PC Version:

Xbox One Version:

It has some blacked out areas, but I am assuming it's because it was grabbed from someone's stream and edited.

Kind of weird to see only one version of the game was censored like this. This is the only form of censorship I've seen in Devil May Cry 5, but given how these infamous rays of light have shown up in the Western PlayStation 4 version, it's entirely possible that there's more edits done by Sony for the Western release.

It's difficult to see what's been altered because Devil May Cry 5 just came out, but there's a good chance there's more censorship and editing done to the Western version of Devil May Cry 5's PlayStation 4 port. I recommend avoiding the Western PlayStation 4 port of Devil May Cry 5 if you want the full version of the game. This has been a long time trend for PlayStation 4 and it's sad to see it applied to such a mature game with an older audience who has come to expect these things from the series.

I'm just glad it seems to only have affected the Western PlayStation 4 release of Devil May Cry, and the other releases are untouched.

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