#15 Dragon Ball Fighterz


A 3-on-3, 2.5D Dragon Ball fighting game developed by Arc System Works.


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Release Dates

January 26th, 2017 (1501 days ago)
January 26th, 2018 (1136 days ago)
September 28th, 2018 (891 days ago)
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User Posts For: Dragon Ball Fighterz

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Gogeta (SS4) launches next week

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works today unveiled the final release date for the next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character. Gogeta (SS4) will arrive next week, the two sides confirmed. For all players, the...

What's Different About Dragon Ball Fighterz' Two Gogetas

Now that Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to release another version of fusion between Goku and Vegeta, some players are wondering what's different.

Latest Xbox Free Play Days Includes Star Wars Squadrons, Dragon Ball FighterZ, & Yooka-Laylee

Occasionally Xbox will tee up a Free Play Days event where players can play a select set of games for free, while also occasionally having the option to buy them at a steep discount. Well, that’s going...

Bandai Namco Airing Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Gameplay Showcase This Sunday

Learn more about Super Baby 2 - One of the last reveals of 2020 within the fighting game comm...

Next Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Fighters Get Reveal Date

Bandai Namco confirms the next character reveal date for Dragon Ball FighterZ's Season Pass 3 alongside an expected launch window.

A new Master Roshi trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ shows more gameplay

A new Master Roshi trailer dropped today for Dragon Ball FighterZ, along with the brand new patch notes that will accompany him

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Master Roshi release date trailer

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works have prepared a new trailer to promote the upcoming addition of DLC character Master Roshi in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Those that have FighterZ Pass 3 can begin using Master...
soul's Avatar soul 2020-09-13 16:27:03

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Character Master Roshi Gets a Release Date & New Gameplay

Today Bandai Namco announced a release date for the newest addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster, Master Roshi.

Rage Quitters To Be Severely Punished In Dragon Ball FighterZ

Bandai Namco has now released a statement that it will severely punish Dragon Ball FighterZ players that rage quit. Rage quitting is annoying because it it means matches are not finished. This is a huge...

Dragon Ball FighterZ Rage Quitters Punished With Severe Penalties

Dragon Ball FighterZ rage quitters will now be punished with all the fire and fury it can muster, a full seven-day timeout for offenders.

Dragon Ball FighterZ now dealing with rage quitters, could face permanent ban

Dragon Ball FighterZ is taking action against rage quitters. According to an in-game notice, players “who deliberately disconnect during online matches” will be subject to a temporary ban, which lasts...

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC character Master Roshi screenshots

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer Arc System Works have released a new set of screenshots for recently announced Dragon Ball FighterZ downloadable content character Master Roshi, who will join the...

Master Roshi Abilities Revealed For Dragon Ball FighterZ

A leaked translation from V-Jump Magazine in Japan has revealed what to expect from Master Roshi abilities when the Turtle Hermit comes to Dragon Ball FighterZ in September.

Master Roshi announced as next Dragon Ball FighterZ character

During yesterday’s Dragon Ball FighterZ Show the focus was placed firmly on the game’s online competitive roadmap, but as promised a new trailer dropped revealing the next playable character. Oft requested...

Fan Imagines Dragon Ball FighterZ With Naruto Characters

A fan of Naruto creates a mock character select screen for a fighting game based on the series, styled after Bandai Namco's Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Show with announcements set for August

Bandai Namco will host a “Dragon Ball FighterZ Show” in August featuring new announcements, the company announced. Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch…

Official Online Dragon Ball FighterZ Tournament Gets Delayed

With the 2020 World Tour series canceled, publisher Bandai Namco looked for an online solution to having an official Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament this year. However, it looks like those plans are now...

Dragon Ball FighterZ shipments and digital sales top five million

Total worldwide shipments and digital sales for Dragon Ball FighterZ have surpassed five million units, publisher Bandai Namco and developer Arc System Works announced (2).
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