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As a bonus, players are given the opportunity to collect figures throughout the game.

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Dragon Ball: Origins, known as Dragon Ball DS in Japan, is a video game for the Nintendo DS based on the manga/anime franchise Dragon Ball created by Akira Toriyama. Although Goku's movements are controlled by the stylus, they're not limited to it as players can still use the directional button. Over the course of the game players will learn new techniques to battle enemies with. Although she is armed with whatever weapon the player has given her, she is still vulnerable to any attack. The game's primary mode is the "Episode Select", where players are given the option of playing each episode installment in chronological order or play them at random. As a bonus, players are given the opportunity to collect figures throughout the game. It also showed that Bulma would be involved in the gameplay in some form. The June issue of V Jump added more screenshots demonstrating the stylus' use in performing various melee combat techniques with hand-to-hand or with the use of the Power pole.


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