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DroneGlitch Lives Up To Its Name With Glitches

gammadeluxe's Avatar gammadeluxe
  October 6th, 2020

I thought I would give DroneGlitch a try, it's a small Unity first person shooter where you run around shooting hostile drones that attack you.

While it's kind of rough to begin with, the real problems start with the amount of problems and glitches in this game. I managed to die before I even spawned several times after playing for 15 minutes, because the game would spawn me underneath the map.

The Sniper Rifle also seemed to have no effect on enemies. I kept shooting it and it did no damage.

I feel like DroneGlitch could be really good if the fixed all the bugs and added more movement features. The art style is very low poly, nothing seems to be really textures. But it's kind of nice to look at.

Overall it is a fast paced FPS and it could be a lot of fun if it was refined a little bit better. But it's currently on sale for 99 cents on Steam so I have a feeling it's not really something that's going to get a lot of support.

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