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Dying Light 2's monsters gameplay trailer reveals new Revenant and Banshee zombies

dibsgamer's Avatar dibsgamer July 2nd, 2021
Techland has released a new video detailing more of what we can expect to see in Dying Light 2, their open world parkour-infused zombie adventure game. This time around, they’ve focussed on the monsters that you will see,  and in particular the terrors that you will face during the night. Set 20 years on from the first game, the zombies that you will encounter have evolved, introducing some new monster types that you will need to beware of. This includes the new Revenant and Banshee. Of course, you also have the returning Demolisher and Volatile and others. There’s a new promotional site that will let you discover what type of zombie you would become, and also reveals more about these new monsters. Revenant Resembling a character from the worst nightmares, Revenant’s easy to tell from other Infected. He’s unwieldy and slow, and moves hesitantly, as his thin legs can’t really support his bulk. His attempts to maintain balance are made all the more difficult by the growth on his back which looks like petrified wings. These special mutations can buff surrounding monsters by creating a zone of toxic mist. PS. Now you can say: “I welcome you with open arms” not only to your friends, but also to your enemies. Have fun! Banshee A vivid symbol of punishment for the sins of vanity and unbridled consumerism. Pieces of her evening dress still cling to the Banshee’s petite body, as does some gold jewelry. Her hands have transformed into claws, her manicured nails—into talons. Although Banshee is driven by instincts, her behavior seems to indicate some unsettling remnants of humanity. Could there be a woman trapped within the rotting flesh of this witch, tormented by brief flashes of lucidity? PS. Look at you! That evening gown and jewelry mean you’re the monster with the best taste in fashion. You should be proud of yourself. Techland are building up to Dying Light 2’s release later this year on 7th December 2021. Before then, they’ve partnered with Dynamite Entertainmnet to create a comic book set in the Dying Light world, called Banshee: I Am The Cure. The comic book will be available at retail later this year, or as a free digital version that you can grab from until July 15. Source: press release, Which Monster Are You?
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